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Here's a quick and easy way to turn a delicious vegetable into a sweet dessert. It's so simple, anyone can do it. The end result has a strong resembla ...
Grounded for 18 Years
When I first read this list of suggested home/life improvements in The St. Petersburg Times, I thought it was a bit too aggressive and overwhelming fo ...
Feminists In Makeup
"Changes in family structure - notably a doubling of the percent of families headed by a single woman - can account for a 3.7 percentage point increas ...
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Put Him in the Trunk -- Now What?
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Women Against Sarah Palin
Recommended by: Hippiegrrl Explains It All
Garage sale-ing
Recommended by: Video Rewind
Thickest, Oldest Arctic Ice is Melting
Recommended by: Patricia's Porch Talk
pandora radio
Recommended by: Hippiegrrl Explains It All
DNA Will Prove I'm JFK's Son
Recommended by: Patricia's Porch Talk
No Fat People Allowed
Recommended by: Heartless Wonder
Einstein Light
Recommended by: Twisted Coil of Misfiring Synapses
The movie I thought deserved a Razzie
Recommended by: Video Rewind
What You Should Know About This New Kids' Movie
Recommended by: Patricia's Porch Talk
57 Possible Characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome
Recommended by: Odd One Out
The Six Characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome
Recommended by: Odd One Out
Some of the best stuff I've ever written
Recommended by: Mr Poetry
My FAV That1Guy song!
Recommended by: Mr Poetry
That 1 Guy compilation in OZ
Recommended by: Mr Poetry
"Halloween" Double Bill
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Bacon Salt
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Vote for me!
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Pachelbel's Rant
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The Belonging Initiative
Recommended by: Odd One Out
School has started...and so have the excuses
Recommended by: Anything Under the Sun
- Web Site for Tween Girls
- Bettie Page Tribute
- Monster Movie
- R2-D2 Mailbox Papercraft
- Rules Which Suck The Life Out Of Publishing
- Is there a link between madness and creativity?
- Han Solo of Soaps: Joshua Morrow
- R2-D2 Mailbox Papercraft
- Bossk Bean Art Portrait
Happy-Go-Lucky (no bad news)
- The Random Kitten Generator
- EmotiCats!
- Paraglider Survives High-Flying Ordeal
- Oh, say, can you see xenophobia in a land of immigrants?
- My Madre, Pure as Cumulous Clouds
- Bush Nominates a Hispanic as Attorney General - Let the DNC Filibustering Begin!
Intellectual (Brief History of Time, NPR)
- Celiac Disease Q&A;
- Bill Nighy on Charlie Rose
- Anna Nicole Collapses, Dies
- Magicvixen's Breast Cancer 3-Day Donation Page
- Man sues to take his wife's last name
- 2006 Reality SHow Honors
Old Fashioned/ Traditional
- Pretty Flower Community
- Are Movie Critics a Thing of the Past?
- Audio Noir
Spiritual (non-denominational)
- Former Hitler Youth Soldier Examines How Hitler's Hate Is Still Thriving Disguised as Radical Islam
- Was the Kaaba Originally a Hindu Temple?
- Interview with the Grim Trixter, Ms. Brandy Schwan ~ Part Two
Wealthy Lifestyle
- The Jerk: All I Need
- They're crazy and kooky
- Hilton charged with DUI
Weird and Wacky/Bizarro
- Wicked Freaky Pic
- Wikipedia: Grey Gardens
- "The Jealous Astronaut"
- Why BBW is Full of Crap
- Grrls Who Play with Sci Fi
- Creative Fat Grrl
magicvixen of Common Sense for the Masses
I've been trying to save money lately, as my lady and I have been planning a road trip for later this year and we need money for gas, snacks, hotel rooms, hookers and booze. We've stopped eating out (not really - but we talk a lot about it), buying ...
Hippiegrrl Explains It All
A couple of weeks ago I wrote an entry on my blog - rise up buffalo - about the demise of Backwash. Talking about the better days, I lamented the ons ...
Growing Up All Over Again
Over the past few weeks I’ve been fooling around with several Linux distributions (distros). For those who don’t know, “Linux” is a core oper ...
Patricia's Porch Talk
"Imagine all the people,
living life in peace…"

Written as part of his Vietnam war protest, "Imagine" was John Lennon's secon ...
Suburban Diva
Within the thick file labeled, "Why I am a Bad Mother," there is a sub-folder titled, "Milestones--h er selfish refusal to rejoice in some of them."
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Grrl Gets the Goods
So I have some pretty exciting news! My new book Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How to Stop the Hating is already up on Amazon ...
Lost Gods
"So, is Alex short for Alexis or Alexandra?" asked the guy seated next to her in class."It’s short for Alex," she replied smartly as she stood up an ...
There Is No Spoon
My hair stylist runs her own business out of her home. She also works a couple days of the week at a salon, just so she can get out of the house. The ...
Anything Under the Sun
For the past few weeks the educational buzz has been the separation of boys and girls for certain or all classes. Yes, it does work. I have done it. ...
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