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Welcome to the Beyond Threaded Conversation CHI2005 Workshop Wiki

This site includes position papers discussed at the Beyond Threaded Conversation CHI 2005 Workshop on April 3, 2005. See the extended abstract for a summary of what the workshop was about.

Note: due to spammer vandalism, this site is no longer open for editing

The papers all relate to online conversation systems and describe either existing systems (e.g., LiveJournal, Everything2) or prototype systems (e.g., Deme, Kontiki) that take online conversation "beyond" the traditional threaded model we are all familiar with. In addition, the site includes a draft DesignSpace document outlining some of the design issues related to online conversation. During the workshop alternative design spaces were discussed and there was no general consensus on one particular framework, but the discussion of the important factors in designing online conversation systems was informative and helped us think through how various systems relate to one another and what possibilities for design remain unexplored.

This site will continue to be used to provide comments on workshop papers by workshop participants and the public. Feel free to post upcoming conversation-related conferences or links to other useful resources and research.

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Morning Breakout Session Notes
* AudienceDesignConcerns
* DebatePediaDesign
* ConversationReuse


Workshop Organizers:

The following is a complete list of the most recent version of all of the accepted submissions. Each position paper has a correspending WikiPage that includes comments on the paper by other workshop participants (e.g., Bobrow2005).

Position Papers

All Submissions as Zip File

Individual Submissions

Ackerman2005 - Mark S. Ackerman, Stephen Cotterill, Kevin Nam, (2005) From Community Discussion to Knowledge Distillation:
The I-DIAG Research Project
[available here]

Bobrow2005 - Daniel G. Bobrow, Bob Cheslow, Elizabeth Churchill, Les Nelson, Jack Whalen, (2005) Conversation Support in a Collaboration Space for a Distributed Workgroup [available here]

Cherny2005 - Lynn Cherny, (2005) Gakking Memes: LiveJournal �Conversation� [available here]

Dave2005 - Kushal Dave, (2005) REALM: Restructuring online conversations [available here]

David2005 - Shay David, Geri Gay, Carl Lagoze, Bing Pan, Simeon Warner, (2005) Appraise � Beyond Threaded Conversations in Scholarly Publishing [available here]

Davies2005 - Todd Davies, Brendan O�Connor, Alex Cochran, Andrew Parker (2005) �Groupware for Groups�: Problem-Driven Design in Deme [available here]

DeMaagd2005 - Kurt DeMaagd, Cliff Lampe, (2005) Everything2: Cataloging All Human Knowledge [available here]

Donath2005 - Judith Donath, (2005) Words as Landscape [available here]

Erickson2005 - Thomas Erickson, (2005) Visualizing Talk: A Re-Design of the Scenarios System [available here]

Golder2005 - Scott A. Golder, Judith Donath, (2005) Content as Conversation Space: Promoting Positive Contributions Through Vetted Annotations [available here]

Hansen2005 - Derek Hansen (2005) Health FACTS: From Conversation to Archive and Back Again [available here]

Hupfer2005 - Susanne Hupfer, Li-Te Cheng, Steven Ross, John Patterson, (2005) Reinventing Team Spaces for a Collaborative Development Environment [available here]

Medynskiy2005 - Yevgeniy Medynskiy, (2005) Implicit Links in Asynchronous Communication Spaces [available here]

Pontes2005 - Ad�le Malta Pontes, Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza, Simone Junqueira Barbosa, (2005) Design Requirements and Possibilities in Supporting Online Scientific Debate [available here]

Rodriguez2005 - Henrry Rodriguez, Kerstin Severinson Eklundh, (2005) Conversation around documents: more than threading [available here]

Smith2005 - Marc A. Smith, (2005) Enhanced interfaces for threaded conversations [available here]

VonMosch2005 - Sara von Mosch, (2005) ConversationLens: Towards Personalized Online Conversation [available here]

Wattenberg2005 - Martin Wattenberg, Jonathan Feinberg, (2005) Kontiki: A Wiki for People and Processes [available here]

Windram2005 - Elizabeth Windram, (2005) weblog: An Interactive Space for Engaging in Shared Experiences at a Distance [available here]

Yee2005 - Ka-Ping Yee, Marti Hearst, (2005) A Visualization to Facilitate Productive Discussions [available here]

Zhou2005 - Liang Zhou, Eduard Hovy, (2005) Fine-grained Clustering for Summarizing Chat Logs [available here]

Zinman2005 - Aaron Zinman, Judith Donath, (2005) RadioActive: enabling mobile-based audio forums [available here]

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