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Amon Tobin

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Sonic pioneer Amon Tobin throws down during a sold-out live show in San Francisco and chats about his unique approach to music making and the recording of his critically-acclaimed album, "Foley Room."

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  • Great artist, great pod, great insight.
  • I was there, and I was entirely blown away by his performance. Words do not describe what it is like to experience Amon Tobin's music, because it is an experience, you are moved by it. It changes the way you think about sound and rhythm. I have seen him before and I will see him again. Well done T Green, Sultan and crew.
  • Yeah I really liked that, I have heard some of his stuff before and what not but , i thought the pod was awesome
  • dope!!!!
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. You didn't mention Dan Gahr. This was his brain child. We just came as reinforcements.
  • This piece a great example of a total Current collaboration. Lots of people made this happen and made it as dope as it is. Plus the fact that Amon is an intelligent, genuine and chilled-out character who makes incredibly interesting music didn't hurt the cause either.
  • Tobin!
  • One of my favorite musical artists ever.
    Awesome pod; it was really cool hearing him talk about his stuff, and creating a new type of live show - which I want to see even more now...
  • Beautiful interview,
    love it!

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