Exclusive Copeland Stream: "On the Safest Ledge"

Frontman Aaron Marsh tells the meaning of this lilting tune off the band's forthcoming new album.

The title of "On the Safest Ledge," the delicate second single off Floridian indie-rockers Copeland's forthcoming album, You Are My Sunshine, may induce a feeling of security, but its lyrics are far more concerned with doubt than certainty. "[It's] all about discomfort and how lovely and scary it is to not know what your next step will be," vocalist/guitarist/pianist Aaron Marsh tells about the swelling, string-backed track.

"Don't look ahead / Just run to me / Each step we'll find / The next one recklessly," Marsh sings, carrying an unsure message of hope, before segueing into the soaring chorus, which features a heavenly vocal turn by singer/songwriter Rae Cassidy. "The ascending melody on the chorus is pretty different for us," Marsh says. "Also, I think the guest appearance by Cassidy on the bridge of the tune is very moving." So do we, Mr. Marsh, so do we.

You Are My Sunshine drops Oct. 14 via Tooth & Nail.

Now Hear This: Copeland, "On the Safest Ledge"


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copeland is, hands down, one of the most inspirational bands i've ever encountered. not only do they write incredibly catchy music, but aaron marsh has a level of sincerity in his voice that can't be matched. they put on one of the most moving live shows that will bring everyone in the crowd to tears. i've never met a more humble, honest, or genuine musician. i honestly can't remember the last time i was so excited for a new album. hearing "the grey man" on their myspace page made me so happy, but hearing "on the safest ledge" gave me goosebumps. october 14th can't come soon enough! it'll hold me over until i'm blessed enough to see you again october 30th in chicago. spin needs to make the smart decision and cover this band before they lose their chance!


Copeland is my absolute favorite band and I'm disgustingly picky when it comes to music. =] Their music has had an incredible way of making me feel something I've never felt before and think that's what music should be about. Copeland inspires a lot people (including myself) with every album they come out with. They seem to just get better and better!

AND!! More people need to listen to their music, so do something about it!... Please?



copeland's albums have been the soundtrack to love and the healing for heartbreak in my life for so long. they are amazing musicians and deserve so much. i absolutely can't wait til the new album drops and to see them at the middle east!


copeland. i utterly love you. keep up with your lyrical amazement and melodies. :)


Aaron Marsh and the rest of Copeland deserve so much more than they are credited to. An amazing band from such a small place like Lakeland (my hometown).


Great Job! Feature them in Spin!


love the new song.
everything this band puts out is amazing. They work hard as musicians and it shows


I can think of no other band who more deserves a shout out in Spin Magazine than Copeland. Get on that Spin!


I have been a fan of Copeland since their first major album, Beneath Medicine Tree. Each album they come out with is a little more tweaked that the previous one. I've heard three songs from You Are My Sunshine and am very impressed and excited for the full album!
Rae Cassidy's additional vocals on YAMS are great, too!

I look forward to seeing a lot more of Copeland in SPIN magazine!


These boys never fail to amaze me. They are hands down my favorite band EVER, and I'm so excited to hear the full album.