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What can I do with an RPG RSS?

> GameWyrd has an RSS feed of the RPG review section.

So what?

> You can do cool things with it!

Such as?

Welcome Wyrdling, welcome to the righteous RPG RSS realm! Rrr! Some readers might already know what can be done with an RSS feed, they might have a php or postNuke site of their own and already syndicate RSS feeds there. Other Wyrdlings might have heard of RSS before but never mucked around with it, this might be the case for many bloggers or LiveJournalers who know their blogs have something to do with RSS but who haven't had time to check out what.

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, erm, ah, some people say it stands for Really Simple Syndication. Who cares! The point is than a RSS feed is a carefully formatted list of summaries and links designed just for computers to read.

Blogs are especially good at reading RSS feeds. The chances are you can add GameWyrd's review RSS feed to your blog. If you've a LiveJournal then it is going to be especially easy for you; just visit the GameWyrdReviews LiveJournal and add it as a friend of yours.

Not a blogger? Don't even know what a blog is? No problem! You can add GameWyrd's reviews to your Yahoo account. That's easy too. Every Yahoo user (if you use their mail, messenger or log into a Yahoo group) has an account with a customisable home page. The Wyrdmaster's myYahoo page has Garfield comics and GameWyrd RPGs on it. Just log in to your myYahoo, press the Choose Content button, scroll down the long page and check the bottom right corner. Look for the RSS Headlines option (if you're not in the US or Canada then you might need to Choose Content From Around The World first), tick the box and then click the link. Add into the box, press Search, press Add and then press Finished. Guess what; you've finished.

Syndic8 has a stream of GameWyrd's reviews too. Popular or what?

Not tempted by any of this? Ah well. At least you've learnt more about RSS feeds... have an experience point!

Current RSS feeds

GameWyrd currently has these RSS feeds live:
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