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New Nuisance for Bridge City Families

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You've heard about the snakes and alligators running rampant since Hurricane Ike's sweep through Southeast Texas, but tonight, you'll hear about a new scare most never even see at the beach, much less a back yard.

"Every now and then you get a frog or turtle, but not a jellyfish..."

But along with an eight foot storm surge, Hurricane Ike delivered a new kind of catch to people in Bridge City, one that's been keeping Jay Braydon busy for three days now.

"I was getting turtles out of my pool because I been needing to get 'em out and I saw a jellyfish and then after that, I just started seeing more and more and that's all I've been doing is getting 'em out," he said, "Jellyfish, yea, that was the last thing I expected to find in my pool."

But it's not only in his pool, Braydon's neighbor's pool is infested with the water creatures, and he worries others may have the same problem, but don't know it yet.

He said, "Anybody that has pools or they have standing water around just stay away from it because these things can hurt you."

And your pool system. Braydon says if you want to spare yourself the shock of the find 'and' the fuss, start scooping.

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