04. January 2007
At the International innovations exhibitions, CD-ROM postcard won these awards:
Zagreb ARCA 2006 – Gold medal 
Genève expo 2006 - Bronze medal 
18. April 2006
At the 12th annual Summit International Awards, CD-ROM postcard London won a gold award in the "Interactive Media-Consumer" category and CD-ROM Split won a silver award in the "Interactive Media-Industry-Tourism"
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What is a CD-ROM postcard?

This 21st century souvenir represents a sort of digital travel guide. A custom designed postcard packaging contains  a CD-ROM with plenty of interesting content.
All our products have several things in common; rich content, high multimedia quality and most importantly – affordable price.

CD-ROM postcards can also serve as an effective marketing tool. If you would like to know more about use of CD-ROM postcards in the promotion of your company, institution business project … etc. feel free to contact us .

On this website you can find more information on our products, as well send an Internet postcard. There is also a web shop you can order all our CD-ROM postcards on-line.

An interactive CD-ROM postcard, a product of the firm Gideon, protected by Croatian and international patents (P20020407A and PCT/HR03/00011), as well as industry design (no. D20020012A)