2008 Winners

Picture Book


Mars Needs Moms by Berkeley Breathed. Philomel Books, ISBN 978-0-399-24736-1.

Other Finalists:

Pet Robots created and written by Scott Christian Sava, art by Diego Jourdan. Blue Dream Studios, ISBN 978-0-9789168-2-4.

Mechanimals by Chris Tougas. Orca Book Publishing, ISBN 979-1-55143-628-9.

Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates by Kevin O'Malleyand and Patrick O'Brien. Walker Books, ISBN 0-8027-9571-4.

Sapce Pirates and the Monster of Malswomp by Scouler Anderson. Frances Lincoln Children's Books, ISBN 978-1-84507-460-7.

Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades

Tie Winners:

Shanghaied to the Moon by Michael J. Daley. Putnam, ISBN 0399246193.

Gravity Buster: Journal #2 of a Cardboard Genius by Frank Asch. Kid's Can Press, ISBN 978-1-55453-0687.

Other Finalists:

Double Check by Malcom Rose. Houghton Mifflin, ISBN 978-0-7534-6004-7.

George's Secret Key to The Universe by Lucy and Steven Hawking. Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-4169-5482-0.

The Future is Unknown (Timejumpers) by James Valentine. Aladdin, ISBN 0689873549.

Polaris: A Celebration of Polar Science by Julie E. Czerneda (editor). Red Deer Press, ISBN 0889953724.

Hal Clement Award for Young Adult


Sky Horizon by David Brin (author) and Scott Hampton (illustrator). Subterranean Press, ISBN 1-59606-109-x.

Other Finalists:

The Shadow Speaker by Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu. Hyperion, ISBN 142310033-6.

Silver Ship and the Sea by Brenda Cooper. Tor, ISBN 0-765-315977-1.

Farseed by Pamela Sargent. Tor, ISBN 978-0-765-31427-7.

Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening by Michael Carroll. Philomel, ISBN 9788-0399-24725-5.

The Gladiator by Harry Turtledove. Tor, ISBN 978-0-7653-1486-4.

Special Awards

Stone Arch Books for quality science fiction graphic novels to attract young SF fans.

Nonfiction (World of Science Fiction - 12 Titles (Library Binding)) by John Hamilton. Abdo Publishing Company.

2007 Winners

Picture Book


Night Of The Homework Zombies by Scott Nickel (author) and Steve Harpster (illustrator). Stone Arch Books, ISBN 978-1598890358.

Other Finalists:

A is for Astronomy by Traci N Todd. Raincoast Books, ISBN 978-0811854627.

Star Seeker: A Journey to Outer Space by Thersa Heine (author) and Victor Tavares (illustrator). Barefoot Books, ISBN 978-1905236367.

Earth to Stella by Simon Puttock (author) and Philip Hopman (illustrator). Clarion Books, ISBN 978-0618585359.

Chiodo Brothers: Alien Xmas by Stephen Chiodo & Jim Strain (authors) and Charles Chiodo (illustrator). Baby Tattoo Books, ISBN 978-0972938846.

The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate The School by Judy Sierra (author) and Stephen Gammell (illustrator). Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-1416911753.

Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades


Apers by Mark Jansen & Barbara Day Zinicola. Dailey Swan Publishing, Inc., ISBN 978-0977367627.

Other Finalists:

Among The Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-0689857980.

Star Jumper: Journal of a Cardboard Genius by Frank Asch. Kids Can Press, ISBN 978-1553378877.

The Fran With Four Brains by Jim Benton. Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-1416902317.

Frantastic Voyage by Jim Benton. Aladdin, Reprint Edition, ISBN 978-1416902300.

Larklight: A Rousing Tale of Dauntless Pluck in the Farthest Reaches of Space by Phillip Reeve. Bloomsbury USA Children's Books, ISBN 978-1599900209.

The Hour of the Cobra by Maiya Williams. Amulet Books, ISBN 978-0810959705.

Only Human (Book Two in the Missing Link Trilogy by Kate Thompson. Bloomsbury USA Children's Books, ISBN 978-1582346519.

Hal Clement Award for Young Adult


Rash by Pete Hautman. Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-0689868016.

Other Finalists:

Specials by Scott Westerfeld. Simon & Schuster, ISBN 978-0680965404.

Softwire Virus on Orbis 1 by PJ Haarsma. Candlewick, ISBN 978-0763627096.

Disunited States of America by Harry Turtledove. Tom Dorety, ISBN 978-0765353788.

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Harcourt, ISBN 978-0152058265.

Mergers by Steven Layne. Pelican Books, ISBN 978-1589801837.

Special Award

Write Your Own Science Fiction Story by Tish Farrell. Compass Point Books, ISBN 978-0756516437.

Previous Winners

Picture Book Award

2006 Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery by Kevin O'Malley (author) and Patrick O'Brien (illustrator).

2005 Science Verse by John Scieszka (author) and Lane Smith (illustrator).

2004 Hazel Nutt Mad Scientist by David Elliot (author) and True Kelley (illustrator).

2003 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones -- Incredible Cross-Sections by Curtis J Saxton and Richard Chasemore.

2002 Baloney by Jon Scieszka (author) and Lane Smith (illustrator).

2001 Rex by Robert Gould & Kathleen Duey (authors) and Eugene Epstein (illustrator).

2000 Hush, Little Alien by Daniel Kirk.

1999 Noah and the Space Ark by Laura Cecil (author) and Emma Chichester Clark (illustrator).

1998 Floating Home by David Getz (author) and Michael Rex (illustrator).

1997 Grandpa Takes Me to the Moon by Timothy Gaffney (author) and Barry Root (illustrator).

1996 Insects From Outer Space by Vladimir Vagin and Frank Asch.

1995 Time Flies by Eric Rohmann.

1994 Richie's Rocket by Joan Anderson (author) and George Ancona (photographer).

1993 June 29, 1999 by David Wiesner.

1992 Time Train by Paul Fleishman (author) and Claire Ewart (illustrator).

Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades

2006 TIE winners: Whales on Stilts by M.T. Anderson and The Fran That Time Forgot by Jim Benson.

2005 Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer.

2004 Escape From Memory by Margaret Peterson.

2003 Andrew Lost Series - #1 On the Dog, #2 In the Bathroom, #3 In the Kitchen by J.C. Greenburg.

2002 Beatnik Rutabagas From Beyond the Stars by Quenin Dodd.

2001 The Power of UN by Nancy Etchemendy.

2000 I was a 6th Grade Alien by Bruce Coville.

1999 Young Jedi Knights (Entire Series) by Kevin Anderson and Rebecca Moesta.

1998 Andalite Chronicles by Katherine Applegate.

1997 Kipton and the Tower of Time by Charles Fortenay.

1996 Star Hatchlingby Margaret Bechard.

1995 Shape Changer by Bill Brittain.

1994 Worf's First Adventure by Peter David.

1993 Weirdos of the Universe Unite! by Pamela Service.

1992 My Teacher Glows in the Dark by Bruce Coville.

Hal Clement Award for Young Adult

2006 Uglies by Simon Pulse.

2005 Balance of Trade by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

2004 Gunpowder Empire by Harry Turtledove.

2003 Feed by M.T. Anderson.

2002 This Side of Paradise by Steven Lane.

2001 Jumping Off The Planet by David Gerrold.

2000 The Game of Worlds: Out of Time by Roger McBride Allen, edited by David Brin.

1999 Alien Dreams by Larry Segriff.

1998 Shade's Children by Garth Nix.

1997 Wildside by Steven Gould.

1996 TIE winners: Winds of Marsby H.M. Hoover and Night Room by E.M.Goldman.

1995 The Ear, the Eye & the Arm by Nancy Farmer.

1994 The Giver by Lois Lowry.

1993 River Rats by Caroline Stevermer.

1992 Invitation to the Game by Monica Hughes.

Special Awards

2006 Bruce Coville & Full Cast Audio Family, Cover of "Rolling Stones" by Robert A. Heinlein.

2003 Best Science and Technology Education
Tales of the Wonderzone
Julie E. Czerneda, Ed.

2000 Promotion of Reading
Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling.

1999 Australian Contribution to Children's Science Fiction
Garth Nix.

1997 Strong Female Characters
Kipton and the Android by Charles L. Fortenay.