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Is it McCartney or is it an imposter?

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For Glazier, though, it's been something more - a 40-year obsession. He won't profess whether he thinks McCartney is really dead. "I don't really know if Paul is dead or not. I'm too busy looking for clues."

OUT OF STEP. The cover of ...

OUT OF STEP. The cover of 'Abbey Road' is credited for starting the conspiracy theory.
Photo: Courtesy

But in addition to the popular conclusions that the clues were a hoax instigated by The Beatles either as a elaborate joke or to boost album sales, both of which have been denied by all four Beatles in the past, Glazier does offer some additional reasons as to why The Beatles may have initiated an intricate trail of "Paul is dead" clues.

"One of the theories is that the clues were introduced by The Beatles as a kind of tribute to their original bass player Stu Sutcliffe, who left them before they became popular," he said.

Another theory says that Lennon's love of wordplay and studio editing led to some clues in later albums, but that after cult leader Charles Manson attributed his killing spree in part to "hidden messages" in the song "Helter Skelter," the band members chose not to reveal the joke.

And then, going to the extreme, there are conspiracies that tie in everything from a Faustian deal with Satan to a Rosemary's Baby-Mia Farrow-Roman Polansky-Sharon Tate-Manson connection.

However, Glazier prefers to focus on the clues more than the reasons they might have been devised. And even more than the clues, he prefers to focus on The Beatles as a cultural phenomenon and revels in his Beatle fanhood.

Having visited Israel eight times, and being instrumental in the establishment of the John Lennon Peace Forest in the Galilee, Glazier is overjoyed that a Beatle is finally appearing in Israel. "Finally, the people of Israel will get to see the person who is allegedly Paul. And make sure you write 'he said that with a smile,'" said Glazier.

I think this is a wonderful thing for Israel, and for Paul. I've always found a sophisticated musical audience there and Paul, being the most successful musician in the world, should be playing there."

Glazier was one of the 250,000 fans who enjoyed McCartney's performance in July for Quebec's 400th anniversary and he said the Tel Aviv crowd would not be disappointed.

"It was an absolutely dynamic concert. I couldn't believe that somebody who's supposed to be 66 has such energy. And I also couldn't believe the quality of the sound, no matter where you stood, and the crystal clear big screens. I never saw so much detail given to those elements," said Glazier.

However, he can't help concluding by introducing another shadow of a doubt.

"Whoever this person is, he can certainly play well. But I still think there's something missing. Is that voice singing 'Yesterday' the same voice that sang it in 1965? You decide."

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17. "Cranberry Sauce"
Moshe Chaim - USA (09/26/2008 21:21)
16. Paul's voice change?
Joel Glazier - USA (09/26/2008 14:33)
15. McCartney Lives
Estelle Lazarus - USA (09/25/2008 20:45)
14. paul is dead, long live paul
hart - Israel (09/25/2008 19:45)
13. But
DJStahl - USA (09/25/2008 11:09)
12. As an oldtimer I remember how we took it very seriously at the time
Elana - Israel (09/25/2008 08:58)
Tina Foster - USA (09/25/2008 08:03)
10. Paul is dead
Faulcon Snowjob - USA (09/25/2008 03:23)
9. Dead? Maybe...
Mary Witherspoon - USA (09/25/2008 02:38)
8. It pays to keep the rumour alive....
Dave - Australia (09/25/2008 02:30)
7. Great impersonation!
Fred S. - us (09/25/2008 02:05)
6. Pauls Not dead
Joe - UK (09/24/2008 23:01)
5. "Is Paul still Dead"
Joel Glazier - USA (09/24/2008 22:54)
4. Is it Paul or is a replacement?
humcmcel - (09/24/2008 20:20)
3. paul is dead
daniel baharier - israel (09/24/2008 18:57)
2. Is it the same voice?
Don Radlauer - Israel (09/24/2008 16:49)
1. LOL...this is great!
Jerusalem Joe - Israel (09/24/2008 14:48)
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