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Patriotic Nigras

August 03, 2008

Evidence of Script Stealing Exploit Surfaces
-JLU Brainiac 4.1 Scripts Release By PN Leader
by Proper Prim, GH Director and Editor

Readers may remember a previous story, where we released vague details on a new permission exploit that has been used to steal scripts, animations, prims and sounds across the grid. After we ran the story, small group of merchants on SLX started a thread located here where they discussed the problem. SLX admins adamantly denied that the problem exists and their supporters quickly agreed, eager to bury their heads in the sand.

Sidenote: We'd like to take this opportunity to show Ms. Montana Corleone of SLX the dictionary definition of "compromised" as per merriam-webster:
Compromise - verb
3 a: to expose to suspicion, discredit, or mischief <his reputation has been compromised>

Hence, our statement that objects on the grid have been compromised is accurate.

Since the publication of our initial story, we had not received any further evidence of the exploit being used in the wild, until today when the leader of the notorious PN griefing group, Frizzlefry101, submitted a rar file stuffed with scripts that were stolen from the JLU's Brainiac program.

Script Snippet:

//// Brainiac Commands Header v3.3

// All link commands use the following format for the key parameter:
//    <actorKey>,<commandChannel>,<issueTime>,<authHash>
// where:
//    <actorKey> is the key of the user who gave the command (the object owner if not a voice-activation).
//    <commandChannel> is the channel on which the command was given.  Supplemental messages after the
//       initial command should be expected on this channel (and non-zero means responses should be private).
//    <issueTime> is the UNIX time the command was issued.  Messages more the 5s old should be ignored at
//       the receiving end.
//    <authHash> is the MD5 hash of the following (excluding quotes):
//          "<cmdNum>,<stringParam>,<passphrase>:<issueTime>"
//       where:
//          <stringParam> is the string parameter of the link message.
//          <password> is a private password used by the implementation.
//          <cmdNum> is the integer parameter of the link message.

integer CMD_RESET = -1132876181;
integer CMD_ANTHEM = -1132876182;
// string param is: [online,]<accessLevel>
integer CMD_LISTALLBYLEVEL = -1132876183;
// string param is: [online,]<accessLevel>
integer CMD_COUNTALLBYLEVEL = -1132876187;
// string param is: <firtName>,<lastName>,<questionKeyword>
integer CMD_IS = -1132876184;
// string param is: <firstName>,<lastName>
integer CMD_INCIDENT = -1132876185;

// string param is: <object name> to <firstname> <lastname>
integer CMD_GIVE = -1132876186;

// string parameter is null
integer CMD_HELP = -113287689;

// string param is : <complete string, passed whole to the new parser>
integer CMD_ALTERNATE_PARSER = -113287690;

// string parameter is null
integer CMD_TIME = -1132876188;

// string parameter is a list of up to six words to use to construct a Google query
integer CMD_GOOGLE = -113876191;
integer CMD_WIKI = -113876192;

// Because UNIX time is an integer, messages that are 5s old may actually test as 6s old.
integer LINK_CMD_TIMEOUT = 6;

string B_LINK_PASSPHRASE = "5m86735d5jm6345c68tu.33468um20c98u6";

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July 13, 2008

Notorious PN Griefing Group Releases Revolutionary Griefer Friendly SL Client (Again)
-ShoopedLife 0.3.0 includes Lua Scripting Support Designed to Automate Griefing

By Proper Prim

The notorious Patriotic Nigras Griefing group has done it again. After what many consider to be an extended period of complacency, their griefer friendly client, ShoopedLife, has undergone some considerable changes, courtesy of PN ShoopedLife programmer N3X15. When staffers approached N3X15 for comment, he only responded with a gurgling sound and an indecipherable one-syllable word which we believe must be some sort of code.
"duuuuurrrr?"-N3X15, PN Programmer
Herald staffers spent approximately twelve hours trying to decipher it but were unable to determine it's meaning, so we simply passed the code on to Sigmund Leominster of SLH for him to break. Sources tell us that Mr. Leominster has long been the foremost expert on codes, anagrams, virtual mafias and gay furry sex.

ShoopedLife first emerged in early 2007 as the first widely used griefer-friendly modified Second Life viewer. It is the first known viewer with built-in functionality for circumventing hardware bans that Linden Lab has used to ban only the most nefarious griefers.

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July 08, 2008

PN Leader ^ban^ Resigns When Threatened by Demonic Magic
-Reports Indicate PN has Yet To Acquire Ark of Covenant
By Mudkips Acronym aka Mootykips, PN Founder and Former Leader

Longtime PN leader ^ban^ resigned from his position on July 3rd, confirming unsubstantiated reports that at long last another leader of the Nigras had come to their bearings. Rumors have surfaced that the statement issued on the PN blog was never written by ^ban^, but by his shadowy Grand Vizier N3X15 and his talking parrot. Reports indicate that N3X15 had "dumped" the embattled PN leader's corpse in Puget Sound after "challenging him to a deathmatch by demonic magic". Emails to N3X15 to get his opinion on the rumors were only returned with one statement, possibly on advice of his attorney and/or talking parrot: "It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh! I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute!".

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July 07, 2008

PN Drama Continues
-Ongoing Drama In The Patriotic Nigras Griefing Group Explained
by Proper Prim

The PN griefing group is undergoing yet another change in leadership according to a blog entry published on July 3rd 2008 at the Patriotic Nigra's website. These changes mean little, if any, according to close associates of the most recent PN leader, ^ban^, who have told us that the PN group has long been secretly controlled by N3X15. Sources tell us that ban was merely a figurehead.

^ban^'s long-term goals for the PN coincided with those that served as the foundation for the group underneath Griefer Herald staffer and PN founder Mudkips Acronym, who resigned as PN leader in June 2007. Since the PN experienced a few initial surges in growth after their establishment, their methods largely changed from small scale hilarious griefing like that of Woodbury University to large scale grid attacks and a much more serious attitude. According to insiders this gradual transformation made the PN much less fun to be a part of and much more widely hated. The PN shifted from being seen as pranksters by many, to having a bona fide e-terrorist image. Outspoken opponents of the organization began hiding behind anonymous pseudonyms in an effort to avoid the relentless harassment they would endure if the PN could locate their Second Life accounts.

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July 04, 2008

DDoS Victim Getting New Hosting After Previous Host Terminated Account Due to Alleged PN Attacks
-sources claim FBI investigation targets multiple PN members
by Proper Prim

379pxfurrum_endA popular furry website known as furrum recently had it's service involuntarily terminated after the notorious Patriotic Nigras griefing group began a campaign of attacks against them. According to sources inside the PN, the attacks began with the release of full disclosures on outspoken members of the furry community. Furrum members proceeded to make several failed attempts at vandalizing the PN wiki, further escalating the squabble and resulting in prank calls, alleged swattings, and mass forum spamming. The situation continued to deteriorate with a series of denial of service attacks that resulted in the eventual termination of's hosting services.   

After furrum was taken offline the PN posted a lengthy wiki page declaring victory and detailing the attacks. On their wiki the PN disclosed specific methods used, ideology behind the raids, screenshots of forum spamming and an image of the furrum after the site's service was terminated.

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