Wii Play

Let's not mince words here: As a stand-alone game, Wii Play is awful.

It has 9 mini-games but they are all, without exception or fail, repetitive and mediocre. The best of the bunch is a measly Laser Hockey game, which is just Pong with a futuristic Tron makeover, but it's not by any means great.

Even the games that seem like they should be awesome fall short. The 9-Ball game is marred by an unintuitive control scheme and a problematic scoring system (you get points equivalent to the ball you sink, meaning the 9 ball gives you 9 points and so on), while the Duck Hunt inspired Shooting Range suffers from some sensitivity issues.

Is There Any Light at the End of the Tunnel?

As such, it's hard to recommend Wii Play, but there is one positive aspect that cannot be overlooked: It comes with a Wii Remote, and you can never have enough Wii Remotes. This fact suddenly makes the whole package much more compelling. When you look at it from this angle, Wii Play is only costing you ten dollars, as that's the price differential between this package and an extra Remote; that means you're essentially paying a dollar per mini-game. Sadly, most of them aren't worth even that, but it's hard to argue with the economics.

If you needed an excuse to pick up another Wii Remote and you have an extra Hamilton in the wallet, then by all means pick up Wii Play. Just don't expect to fully get your money's worth.

Pros: The included Wii Remote is nice.
Cons: The included game isn't.

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