Darwin to Palmerston Transport Corridor

The growth of Palmerston as a residential and business location has highlighted the need to move people and goods between the two centres.

Industrial development at East Arm also necessitates the consideration of an efficient transport corridor.

While improved transport links would initially benefit residents of the two cities who work, live or shop in the other, it will also improve access to port and rail infrastructure, defence, the Darwin Business Park and rural areas.

What we would like to achieve

  • Ensure the efficient movement of people and goods between Palmerston and Darwin.
  • Enhance transport links between major business areas including the city, Palmerston, rural areas, East Arm Port, Darwin Business Park and the proposed Defence Hub adjacent to Robertson Barracks.
  • Provide new transport options that are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Palmerston – a thriving city in its own right

When Palmerston was first established, it was little more than a residential area soaking up the demand for residential land that could not be accommodated in Darwin.

Some 25 years later, Palmerston is a city in its own right with a thriving city centre, excellent retail and community facilities and a growing commercial and industrial area.

Palmerston is now home to 25,000 people, including hundreds of Defence families at Roberston Barracks. These include both low cost and up-market housing options.

For many years, the only transport link covering the 21 km between Palmerston and Darwin was the Stuart Highway. Now Darwin to Palmerston can be reached via Tiger Brennan Drive and Wishart Road while McMillans Road has created a new link from Palmerston to the northern suburbs.

Traffic volumes have continued to increase on all road links between Darwin and Palmerston in parallel with the growth of Palmerston and the rural areas, with consequential congestion issues on the network. This has been caused not only by the growth in the population of Palmerston, but also Palmerston’s importance as a centre for business, shopping and industry. Providing a transport system that is efficient is a priority.

Moving people and freight between Palmerston and Darwin

The road link between Darwin and Palmerston has been progressively upgraded since 1979.

The Northern Territory Government has already secured the Tiger Brennan Corridor as well as the rapid transport corridor. This work will continue.

Medium-term proposals include

  • Complete the Berrimah to Palmerston link.
  • Improve traffic management on the Stuart Highway.
  • Upgrade Berrimah Road between Tiger Brennan Drive and Wishart Road, including the Wishart Road intersection.
  • Under the Auslink program, continue negotiations with the Australian Government to achieve shared funding of the East Arm Access Road, comprising new Tiger Brennan Drive from Palmerston to Berrimah Road and Berrimah Road to East Arm Port.


Long-term proposals include

Extension and duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive, including:

  • Progressively duplicate Tiger Brennan Drive including the development of the Barneson Street entrance to the Darwin CBD.
  • Further enhance capacity through provision of overpasses at intersections with Amy Johnson Drive, Berrimah Road, future McMillans Road expansion and Roystonea Avenue.
  • Provision in the corridor for future rapid transport initiatives.
  • Future Stuart Park bypass.



Darwin to Palmerston transport corridor
Darwin to Palmerston transport corridor

Palmerston - a growing city
Palmerston - a growing city