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Job Discrimination

Job Discrimination

Hospital Problem

Hospital Problem

Imagine what it would be like ....

... if an international English accent was second nature to you so that native English speakers would struggle to identify your country of origin. What could successful accent reduction be worth to you - in terms of your job prospects, your level of pay, your new career possibilities?

If you are one of the 47 million people worldwide who count English as their first language but whose English pronunciation was formed in a regional culture, you'll probably have experienced the frustration of being passed over for promotion in a career where an international English accent is crucial - industries such as airlines, hospitals, call centres, media or education. Does it make you furious when someone with fewer qualifications is promoted ahead of you? Does it make your blood boil when you are rejected after an interview, although you know your qualifications were perfect for the job?

The Problem of Listener Prejudice
Clearly part of the problem is the phenomenon of "listener prejudice" where native speakers, when they identify foreign English pronunciation, subconsciously tune off what you are saying.

The science of regional accent reduction has made rapid advances in the last few years as the English language continues to extend its dominance of world trade. Now the latest regional accent reduction programmes include making you aware of the English pronunciation errors that trigger listener prejudice, and teach you strategies for defusing that reaction.

Accent guru Diane Knowles M.A. (University of Auckland), Dip tchg, Dip. S.L.Tchg.

New Advances in Accent Reduction

Career-ambitious people are discovering that investing the time and effort into a state-of-the-art regional accent reduction programme pays swift dividends. Even more satisfying than the financial and career advantages, accent reduction graduates report a satisfying buzz they get from being able to communicate on an equal footing with native speakers.

Regional accent reduction programmes can take you a few weeks or a few years. Shrewd, forward-looking companies provide courses for their valued employees, realizing that the company stands to gain as much from the result as you do.

The most effective courses offer you individual diagnosis and counseling.

You'll get better results when the course is held in a "total immersion" environment, where you can escape the drag factor influence of your regional accent.

Accent reduction courses held in native-language speaking countries are becoming more and more popular. You take part in the course. You live and breathe the new accent in the street, in the shops, with a host family , when you turn on the television, when you go out to eat. There are hundreds of opportunities to practise the accent with native speakers, and without having your friends sabotage your progress.

Learn English pronunciation so clear and confident that your boss will applaud as much as your clients.
Enjoy new-found confidence. Look forward to every interaction, every phone call. From now on each one will be a satisfying new success story to add to your brag book.
Immerse yourself from day one in a native-English society - made welcome by people who enjoy talking to overseas visitors.
Explore one of the world's most natural and beautiful countries - the setting chosen for spectacular movies such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy - New Zealand.

Passed over because of an "accent problem"?

Passed over because of an "accent problem"?
Are you one of the 4.5 million people worldwide who are locked into a job below their ability and who are regularly passed over for promotion because of an "accent problem"?
At the Accent Reduction Boot Camp in Auckland, New Zealand we've developed a dramatic new approach to regional accent reduction. As well as including individual diagnoses and state of the art software programmes, the Boot Camps are based on a ground-breaking methodology.
In my experience, you'll achieve the most dramatic and long-lasting regional accent reduction results when you're fully involved, relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the process as well as the result. This is what the Accent Reduction Boot Camp offers to you.

There are three Boot Camps in the Accent Reduction Boot Camp series. Each approaches the target of regional accent reduction from a different direction. But all three have the same specific goal - your mastery of a clear "mid-Atlantic" accent. The "mid-Atlantic" accent is a neutral English pronunciation favoured by people in the media - radio, television, and film in both Britain and the U.S.A. Because it is the prestige English accent is used all over the English-speaking world.
Have you wondered how American actress Renée Zellweger is able to convincingly play the part of English Bridget Jones in the "Bridget Jones Diary" movies? Or how New Zealand's Russell Crowe can play the part of an American newsman or a Roman Gladiator? These are the jealously guarded secrets of the actor's craft. And they form a key part of the Accent Reduction Boot Camp. It's a drama-based programme written by actors for actors. And shared for the first time with regional accent reduction enthusiasts. Our actors and linguistic specialists will give you the tools to make the mid-atlantic accent your accent.
Even if you're not yet 100% certain that you're going to attend, you can secure your position with just your email address so that you won't lose out. Don't worry that you haven't read everything yet - because you'll pay no money now, and you will not be obligated to attend the Accent Reduction Boot Camp should you change your mind later.

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"There was this engineer I'd phoned in Boston eight months ago to check through a new programme we were trialing. He gave me a really hard time, making me repeat every question and shouting down the phone at me like I was deaf. I had to phone him again the other day. Just asking for him by name made my hands sweat. But I remembered the things I'd learned in my accent reduction course and I kept my cool. He didn't remember me. He talked me through the process step by step. At the end of the conversation he said: "Hey, I can hear a bit of an accent in your voice. Do you mind if I ask which country you're from?" I laughed and told him. But it was a great feeling!" Dinesh - India