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Where to find APEs (AVS(Advanced Visualisation Studio) Plugin Effects)

It strikes me as extremely odd that the winamp page doesn't have a list of APEs under plugins, it was time somebody made this overview, hence:

The winamp forums have got quitte a lot of threads about APEs, but I think a forum is not a place to publish a list.

If you think there is something missing. Let me know.

last change march 12 2008 - (but i should do a thorough revision)

Winamp AVS APEs:

· APEs by Goebish: - Addborder (AddBorder.ape), Framerate limiter (FramerateLimiter.ape), Negative Strobe (NegativeStrobe.ape), RGB Filter (RGBfilter.ape), ScreenReverse (ScreenReverse.ape), VFX AVI-Player (VfxAviPlayer.ape).
VFX AVI-Player: with Chroma keying
Framerate limiter: Can be usefull to slow down old presets running too fast on recent CPUs and other things, like keeping feedbackloops the same time lenght.

· APE by Jheriko: - Global Variable Manager (globmgr.ape).
For doing stuff with megabuff.

· APEs by Joshua Gerrish: - prOn (pfavs.ape), slideshow (slideshow.ape).
Pr0n takes video device-input and puts it into AVS.
Slideshow can show pictures from a folder. Also PNG, BMP and JPG.

· APEs by Steven Wittens (UnconeD): - AVS-Grabber (avsgrabber.ape), Picture II (picture2.ape), vj-control (vjcontrol.ape).
Picture II: Can read BMP and JPEG
VJ-control: sliders, buttons and checkboxes
AVS-Grabber: making AVIs

· APE by Shreyas: - Dynamic Clear Screen (CLS_dynamic.ape).
Also linewidth.ape which can be found on the winamp forum in his signature. Seems not to work with winamp 2.

· APE by Syfi: - IrisAPE_lite (IrisAPE.ape).
Site is down, but can still be found on the internet archive: here.
Takes webcam input into AVS.
Also supports FireWire.

· APEs by Tim Redfern: - No working links on the page itself, but the APEs are there:
Miditracer (miditrace.ape), Pixelplayer (player2.ape), Saver (saver.ape).
APEs are no longer there, but can be found on the internet archive: miditrace.ape player2.ape saver.ape
Miditracer: For using midi-instruments with AVS. To get to the following APEs: Clique on the green square, to get there.
Pixelplayer: also has a documentation.txt
Documentation is no longer online, but can be found on the internet archive: documentation Saver: Creates AVIs from your presets.

Tim Redfern also has a new page, with publications.

· APE by Tomylobo: - : Automated AVSTrans APE (eeltrans.ape) , Buffer blend (buffer.ape) , Triangle renderer (triangle.ape) , Normalise (normalise.ape)
This last one normalises pictures, giving optimal use of contrast.



Misc Links

· AVS Source Code - AVS became OPEN SOURCE on may 18th 2005. :)

· BIGfug's Streaming Video From WinAmp's AVS to FreeFrame

· AVS Source Forge project - where work gets done.

· AVS Draw - an picture to avscode app, uses flash, by fsk.

· DeviantArt APE section - Some APEs grouped together.

· Editor Resizer - APE by Tomylobo: APEresize.ape .
Give you the ability to resizes the editor window for AVS.

· Line in plugin - by Jasper

· Stick Figures - By Written by Lucian Wischik, based on an original by Justin Frenkel.

· Stereo G-ape - by Hadoken aka Giordano Ferdinandi. To see 3d by looking at your screen squint-eyed.

Less interesting APEs

· APE by Camillo Ferraris: - plasma.ape though it is not downloadable from this site. :(

· APE by Aras Pranckevicius: - Particle generator (Particle.ape). Very good complement to starfield en fyrewurkx.

· APEs by Joshua Gerrish: - Conway Life stuff. (flame.ape, flock.ape, conway.ape)
Some documentation about it.

· APE by Ryan M. Geiss: - Fluid (fluid.ape).
I cannot find the plugin on Ryan's site, but it is still on the internet archive: fluid.ape
Fluid Dynamics modelling plugin.

· APEs by VJ YaricH: - WJMX50/WJMX30-Controller.
No longer active but can still be found at the internet archive: Program and WJMX50Controller
For the antique Panasonic WJMX50 or WJMX30 video mixers only.

· APE by Yordan Vulchev (Tonic): - 3d generator (3d.ape).
AVS Preset Pack (which throws 10 folders of presets :S in your avs folder) containing 3d.ape.
(Not so stable due to drop-down-menu.)

Orphan APEs

Which can be found on the winampforum.

· amoeba3d.ape, metaballs3d.ape: - by Steven Wittens in his Whacko AVS IV (Not suitable for winamp 5.)
· avs_edge.ape - Edge-detect by Tom Paton.
· tv.ape - tv noise by unknown.
· vf.ape - VisFrac by Peter Paulowski: This ancient preset pack at winamp/plugins contains vf.ape (version 1.1), also contains: tv.ape, fyrewurx.ape :-) and 3d.ape.

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