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I Want a Girl

LAST UPDATED: 09/04/07




If you thought hidden sexual perversions were restricted only to those seemingly innocent feature-length Disney cartoons, think again!


The designer of the Famicom game Ganso Saiyuuki Super Monkey Daibouken placed a hidden message deep in the code of the game. You can view it only when using VirtualNES. You must load the ROM, click on Tools, then Viewer, then Pattern Viewer, and there you will find it. The message is, of course, in Japanese. The text of the message is in white characters on a red background.


Ganso Saiyuuki Super Monkey Daibouken (screenshot)


So what does the message say? It reads like a twisted man-seeking-woman classified ad:


"Designer Nakajima Kaoru, born 1960 in Toyokawa-City in Aichi prefecture, 26 years old. I want to lick a pussy. I want a girl who has sex with me. Vagina, clitoris, I love you! I love you!"


I wonder if this helped get him laid...but since it was hidden in the code, probably not.





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