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Monday 26 May

Louise and Frankie prepare for Jake's court case. Warren tries to allay Louise's fears and assure her that Jake will be locked away, while Jack attempts to calm Frankie down. Later, as Louise returns from the courts triumphant, Frankie seethes that she's been let off and promises Jack she'll make Louise pay. Meanwhile, Louise insists that Warren should not pay Darren the £100,000 he owes him. Warren asserts that he won't go back on the deal, and is slightly unnerved by a harder, colder Louise. But Louise is unfazed by Warren's warning and plans to celebrate her freedom in style at the Dog tomorrow, specifically to rub Frankie's nose in it.

Darren is on tenterhooks awaiting the outcome of the court case. He's relieved when Frankie returns with news of Jake's incarceration and heads off to see Warren promising Jack he's got an idea to get some money. Jack's scathing of Darren's plans, but Darren tells Jack to trust him. At the Loft, Darren chances his arm and asks Warren for double the amount - £200,000. Warren laughs in Darren's face and tells him to get out. Returning to the Dog, Darren catches his dad playing the fruit machine, desperate for cash. With the money burning a hole in his pocket, Darren decides the only way he can solve Jack's financial troubles is with one last trip to the casino...

John Paul still wonders about the secret Myra is harbouring, but she convinces him it's nothing and turns the tables, wanting to know about his private life. John Paul is sheepish at Myra's interest and dismisses her claims he has a secret boyfriend. Meeting up with Kieron, John Paul suggests they go back to his to spend some time together, with Myra out of the house. Meanwhile, Elliot arrives at the McQueen's desperate for some help with his latest experiment. Myra's shocked when it suddenly all becomes clear – Elliot must be John Paul's boyfriend. A confused Elliot is offered some lunch as John Paul and Kieron arrive back and to their surprise see a nervous Elliot being swamped by a knowing Myra. John Paul sees his opportunity to quash Myra's suspicions and reveals that Elliot is in fact his boyfriend...

Newt overhears Jack bemoaning about the cost of supporting Charlie and a Newt on top of everything else and decides it's time for drastic action against the village Voids. Its Lauren's first day working in the salon and Newt encourages Lauren to spike the shampoo with fish oils. Lauren's sceptical but agrees to do it. Later, as Lauren builds up a friendship with Niall she decides against the sabotage and tells Newt she couldn't go through with it. Aghast that Lauren has sided with Niall, Newt is left hankering after his best friend, wishing Eli would come back...

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