Creator: Akira Amano
Translation: JN Productions
Publisher: Viz
Age Rating: Older Teen
Genres: Action, Supernatural
RRP: $7.99
Reborn! v9
Reviewed by David Rasmussen

One of the things I rather despise about reviewing titles this far down the review chain is that I have little idea what is going on in the title when I jump aboard, this being just another one of those examples of a title I know little about.

With that being said, let's recap what came before...

Junior High student Tsuna was (at the start of the series) a grade A ultra-loser who couldn't get anywhere in life, that is until he met the toddler-assassin Reborn who groomed Tsuna for his future as a mafia boss. In short, Reborn made loser boy here an offer he just couldn't refuse, and he made sure not to refuse it.

It's like up to Volume 9 now and he's cooler than he was way back at the start. As this volume starts, they're in deep as Tsuna, Reborn and their friends made between Volume 1 and now are facing a seemingly-unstoppable force in the form of an evil being named Mukuro. And that's basically the whole point of Volume 9, a long, long, DragonBall-Z-sized struggle against Mukuro (both a fake and the real thing), with all the trappings of a supernatural action title, with people going all super-powerful and doing amazing things, and all that bonding between friends and stuff between fights and whatever... In other words, if you like series with super-powerful people going at each other for some cause or another and having long fights that last for ever and ever, then this is for you.

On the bright side, it has a fairly lovable cast, drawn nicely, the writing is fairly solid, and I like the fights, so there is actually a bit to recommend here. Of course if I'm going to recommend this, I'd rather you start at the beginning (you'll enjoy this all better if you read from the start and work your way up to here) so no recommendations for this volume by itself... sorry, but if I'm going to recommend Reborn! I'm going to tell you to take yourself back to the start of the line (Volume 1) and work your way up to here. Once you get here, you'll enjoy it. If you don't like Volume 1 and 2, don't go further, if you can't get into the first two volumes, no amount of rolling with this title as long as you can will change your mind).

So Reborn is recommended if you need a new action title in your arsenal to read, as long as you're willing to start off from the beginning and work forward. B.

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30 September 2008
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