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Rosanne Barr Goes Green! Since i will vote for a woman instead of a man any day - there is a woman running, I am going to vote for Cynthia McKinney, Green Party candidate for President. The first woman in history to run as the nominee of a viable party is Cynthia McKinney of the green party. The green party is the future of America.

Professor Griff
Professor Griff of the legendary rap group Public Enemy tells the world why he supports Green Party presidential ticket of Cynthia Mckinney/Rosa Clemente instead of Barack Obama.



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McKinney GRILLS Rumsfeld

McKinney GRILLS Rumsfeld


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Cynthia McKinney speaks at Mumia rally

Cynthia McKinney speaks at Mumia rally

It was Frederick Douglas who said that power concedes nothing without a demand and we need to organize ourselves to…

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Cynthia McKinney Rallies Greens in Fort Bragg

Cynthia McKinney Rallies Greens in Fort Bragg

Cynthia pulled shakers out of her purse and got with the rhythm.

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Repubs and Dems Bankrupting our Great Nation

Repubs and Dems Bankrupting our Great Nation

Sister McKinney illustrates record federal spending under the Bush administration.

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And the winner is...

And the winner is...

Cynthia wins Green Party nomination for President, selects Rosa Clemente for running mate!

Green Party National Women's Caucus challenges NOW to support the historic McKinney/Clemente presidential campaign
Monday, 29 September 2008 19:38
Distributed by the Green Party of the United States

National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States

For Immediate Release
Monday, September 29, 2008

Morgen D'Arc, Spokesperson, 207-761-7797, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Linda Manning Myatt, Spokesperson, 248-548-6175, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Green Party National Women's Caucus challenges NOW to support the historic McKinney/Clemente presidential campaign

WASHINGTON, DC -- The National Women's Caucus ( of the Green Party of the United States has sent an open letter to the National Organization for Women ( urging support for the Green Party's presidential ticket. The text of the letter is appended below.

The letter cites Green nominee Cynthia McKinney's six terms in Congress and her unmatched dedication to the principles of equality and human rights championed by NOW. The National Women's Caucus emphasizes the historical role that alternative parties have played in the struggle for women's suffrage and rights, and notes that NOW has failed even to recognize the significance of America's first national campaign by two women of African descent: Ms. McKinney is African American and running mate Rosa Clemente is Black Puerto Rican.


National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dear National Organization for Women leadership and members:

The National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States is dismayed that your recent endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States did not acknowledge the first all-female ticket in recent U.S. history. Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente are running for President and Vice President, respectively, on the Green Party ballot line.

Cynthia McKinney served six terms in the U.S. Congress and two terms in the Georgia General Assembly. She is a global human rights and peace activist with a substantial voting record supporting women. Rosa Clemente is a community organizer and journalist who was one of the founders and primary organizers of the first national Hip Hop political convention. Their "Power to the People" campaign goal is to ensure that public policy reflects the Green Party values of ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, and nonviolence.

Cynthia McKinney has been a steadfast supporter of full reproductive rights for women throughout her legislative career, including funding for contraception and UN family planning, and opposition to “abstinence only” sex education. Rosa Clemente has been an outspoken advocate on issues affecting people of color, particularly women, and has directed her campaign toward the 48% of young people who don't vote, to encourage participation in the electoral process.

Additional positions of the McKinney/Clemente campaign that will benefit women include:

- Equal Rights

- End to forced sterilization and coerced or uninformed consent procedures,

- Immediate end to the War in Iraq and reinvestment of the money into our communities

- Single-payer, universal "Medicare for All"

- Election integrity where every vote is counted

- Right to same-sex marriage

- Free higher education

- End to the drug war

- Right of return of survivors of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

- Withdrawal from corporate trade agreements such as NAFTA that are devastating economies worldwide

- Promotion of renewable energy (no coal or nuclear) to create hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing, construction and service jobs

Neither Obama nor his Republican opponent John McCain support these positions.

The National Organization for Women PAC repeatedly praised Congresswoman McKinney during her six terms in U.S. Congress; and her record, on every relevant issue, surpasses those of the male endorsees. But now, these two women of color -- powerful and power-challenging, real choices, and nominated by a political party that proudly boasts Feminism & Gender Equity among our Ten Key Values -- don't even receive acknowledgment.

The National Organization for Women, at all levels, has long struggled over diverging feminist paths -- choosing either to press for change within the existing power structure, and its institutions, or to step outside of the expected and challenge the institutions themselves. In the view of the National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States, NOW has best served women when NOW has recognized, in the words of Audre Lord, that "when you look back on the road you've come, and see pain, and look forward to the road you're on, and see pain, then, step off the road, and make a new path."

We recall when NOW distributed buttons proclaiming that "Women were not born Democrats, Republicans, or YESTERDAY." We recall when the heroines of our heritage were Belva Lockwood, Alice Paul and Sonia Johnson, each willing to form her own political party, or run for president independently, or both. They were willing because that path provided fewer barriers to telling the plain truth, the truth that needed to be heard, than did service to the establishment parties. We even recall when NOW announced the formation of its own, alternative, political party, the "Party for the 21st Century," with Dolores Huerta at its head. We rejoiced when NOW sought to make a new path, because the old political road was simply too filled with the pain of condescension and compromise, deferment and settling for what was offered.

Even when NOW, through its political action committee, decided in the last two decades to bestow its endorsement on candidates from the over-represented political parties, it was to reward them for actually moving closer to the day when a woman might be president, with a Geraldine Ferraro and a Hillary Clinton sitting in the candidate car, and not just trudging behind it, pushing. But this past week, that endorsement reward was offered without even that, out of the same "fear of the alternative" that has driven women to set our own hopes, dreams and destinations aside, time and again, to let the men drive the car.

Belva, Alice and Sonia did not become president of the United States, but, with the support of the feminists of their time, speaking truth, each re-formed the vision that America had about women. While men can be feminists too, their institutions can only be deemed feminist if they produce equality. The dearth of elected women, at every level, is its own condemnation of the party structures that are the paved road of American democracy. It disappoints us greatly, that earlier this month, NOW has not made a new path. By failing to commend, or even comment on, the presidential candidacy of Cynthia McKinney and her Green Party running mate, Rosa Clemente, NOW is driving on the wrong side of history.

We invite the National Organization for Women, and feminists everywhere, to support the Green Party and the McKinney/Clemente campaign. Come walk the walk with us, and make a new path.


National Women's Caucus, Green Party of the United States
Nan Garrett, Co-Chair
Ginny Marie Case, Co-Chair

National Women's Caucus Member Claudia Ellquist, National NOW Board member, 1990-94, participated in the drafting of this letter

National Women's Caucus
Green Party of the United States
1711 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009


Abortion and contraception: McKinney is a firm supporter of abortion rights, appearing on EMILY's List of pro-choice women. She has also supported federal funding for contraception and U.N. family planning programs.

Quite a long statement on Women, Families and Children at

* Voted YES on reducing Marriage Tax by $399B over 10 years. (Mar 2001)
* Supported funding child care, child health, & child housing. (Jul 1999)

McKinney immediately challenged Georgia House rules requiring women to wear dresses by wearing slacks

Green Party of the United States
202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
Fax 202-319-7193

Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente 'Power to the People' Campaign for the White House
Cynthia McKinney on video
• Press conference, September 10 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC
• Speech in Denver, August 24:
• Music video:

~ END ~

Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney will 'join the debate' via blog Friday evening
News - Latest
Friday, 26 September 2008 08:42


For Immediate Release:
Friday, September 26, 2008


Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator,

202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator,

916-995-3805, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

McKinney/Clemente campaign:

202-584-1021, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it =
(web site:

Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney will 'join the debate'via blog Friday evening

Web site:

"A Fraud on the American Voter": Greens protest the exclusion of McKinney and other qualified candidates from the debate, control of the debates by the Democratic and Republican parties and corporate sponsors; Greens insist on voters' right to know about all presidential candidates

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney will be blogging live at the web site of the 2008 Presidential Debates Project (, a project of, during the debate between Barack Obama and John McCain in Oxford, Mississippi on Friday, September 26.

On Wednesday, Cynthia McKinney said she is ready to step in for John McCain at the debate, after Mr. McCain called for postponement of the event (

The Green Party defends the right of voters to be informed about all the candidates on the ballot and to vote for which candidates best reflect their interests. The party has strongly protested the control over the presidential debates by the Democratic and Republican parties and their corporate sponsors, which have an interest in limiting the number of participants to Democratic and Republican candidates -- which the League of Women Voters once called "a fraud on the American voter."

Greens have called for Cynthia McKinney's inclusion in the 2008 presidential debates, along with other candidates with ballot lines in a majority of states: independent Ralph Nader, Libertarian nominee Bob Barr, and Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin.

"Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente, and the Green Party represent millions of voices whose opinions will be excluded from the debates unless they are invited," said Cliff Thornton, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. "Ms. McKinney is the only woman presidential candidate in 2008. Ms. McKinney and Ms. Clemente are the first US presidential ticket in which both nominees are of African ancestry, and Ms. Clemente is Black Puerto Rican. Ms. McKinney has involved herself personally in the struggle of people in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region to fight permanent eviction and return to their homes -- Friday's debate will take place in Mississippi, a Gulf Coast state."

"The Green Party and its candidates represent the promise of an anti-war, progressive party that takes no money from corporations -- an imperative for America in the 21st century. No other candidate in the 2008 stands for what the McKinney-Clemente ticket stands for," Mr. Thornton added.

Talking points and background

* The Green Party asserts that voters have a right to know about all the candidates whose names they'll see on the ballot, not just the candidates approved by the Commission on Presidential Debates or the candidates whose poll numbers declare them 'winnable.' Voters deserve to know which candidate best represents their own interests and ideals.

* Cynthia McKinney will be on enough state ballots to get elected to the White House. Any presidential candidate who is on enough ballots to be elected is qualified to participate in the debates.

* When debates are limited to two candidates, the voting public hears only a narrow range of ideas, opinions, and solutions. When presidential debates are restricted to Democrat and Republican, important and popular ideas don't get discussed -- single-payer national health care, rapid and complete withdrawal from Iraq, ending the war on drugs, saving US democracy from a repeat of the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004, impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Without Ms. McKinney, such ideas will be censored from the debates.

* The only valid democratic measurement of public support for candidates is the election. Opinion polls are subjective, vulnerable to bias, constantly fluctuating, and often exclude candidates from the questions asked. Polls are not democratic and should not be used to determine who gets to participate in debates.

* The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which sets rules for candidate participation, took over the debates from the nonpartisan League of Women Voters after the LWV withdrew in protest of the Democratic and Republican candidates' attempts to control nearly every aspect of how the debates were to be conducted. The CPD is owned and run by the Democratic and Republican parties, which have an interest in excluding all candidates except their own. The CPD is funded through contributions from corporations, which have their own interests in limiting the candidates who participate in the debates. In an October 3, 1988, press release the LWV called two-party control over the debates "a fraud on the American voter."

* In Canada, the TV networks initially tried to exclude Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, from the September 10 debates before the October 14 national election. After the Greens launched a "reclaim democracy" campaign and Canadians throughout the country demanded Ms. May's inclusion, Ms. May was invited to participate. Americans who value democracy and fair elections should demand multi-party debates too.


Green Party of the United States
202-319-7191, 866-41GREEN
Fax 202-319-7193
Green candidate database for 2008 and other campaign information:

Green Party News Center

Green Party Speakers Bureau

Green Party ballot access page

Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente 'Power to the People' Campaign for the White House

Cynthia McKinney on video

Press conference, September 10 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

Speech in Denver, August 24:

Music video:

Rosa Clemente on video
Interview on Current TV

~ END ~


A Gift for a Generation: A U.S. Financial System of Our Own
Thursday, 25 September 2008 20:20
A Gift for a Generation: A U.S. Financial System of Our Own

by Cynthia McKinney
September 25, 2008

Last week, I posted ten points (that were by no means exhaustive) for Congressional action immediately in the wake of the financial crisis now gripping our country. At that time, the Democratic leadership of Congress was prepared to adjourn the current legislative Session to campaign, without taking any action at all to put policies in place that protect U.S. taxpayers and the global community that has accepted U.S. financial leadership. Those ten points, to be taken in conjunction with the Power to the People Committee's platform available on the campaign website at (, are as follows:

1. Enactment of a foreclosure moratorium now before the next phase of ARM interest rate increases take effect;
2. elimination of all ARM mortgages and their renegotiation into 30- or 40-year loans;
3. establishment of new mortgage lending practices to end predatory and discriminatory practices;
4. establishment of criteria and construction goals for affordable housing;
5. redefinition of credit and regulation of the credit industry so that discriminatory practices are completely eliminated;
6. full funding for initiatives that eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in home ownership;
7. recognition of shelter as a right according to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights to which the U.S. is a signatory so that no one sleeps on U.S. streets;
8. full funding of a fund designed to cushion the job loss and provide for retraining of those at the bottom of the income scale as the economy transitions;
9. close all tax loopholes and repeal of the Bush tax cuts for the top 1% of income earners; and
10. fairly tax corporations, denying federal subsidies to those who relocate jobs overseas repeal NAFTA.

In addition to these ten points, I now add four more:

11. Appointment of former Comptroller General David Walker to fully audit all recipients of taxpayer cash infusions, including JP Morgan, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG, and to monitor their trading activities into the future;
12. elimination of all derivatives trading;
13. nationalization of the Federal Reserve and the establishment of a federally-owned, public banking system that makes credit available for small businesses, homeowners, manufacturing operations, renewable energy and infrastructure investments; and
14. criminal prosecution of any activities that violated the law, including conflicts of interest that led to the current crisis.

Ellen Brown, author of "The Web of Debt" writes at, "Such a public bank today could solve not only the housing crisis but a number of other pressing problems, including the infrastructure crisis and the energy crisis. Once bankrupt businesses have been restored to solvency, the usual practice is to return them to private hands; but a better plan for Fannie and Freddie might be to simply keep them as public institutions."

Too many times politicians have told us to support the "free market." The unfolding news informs us in a most costly manner that free markets don't work. This is a financial system of their making. It's now past time for the people to have an economic system of their own. A reading of the full text on the Congressional "Agreement on Principles" for the proposed $700 billion bailout reveals the sham that this so-called agreement truly is. Today our country faces an economic 9/11. The problem that is unfolding is truly systemic and no stop-gap measures that maintain the current bankrupt structure will be sufficient to resolve this crisis of the U.S. economic engine.

Today is my son's birthday. What a gift to the young people of this country if we were to present to them a clean break from the policies that produced this economic disaster, the "financial tsunami" that former Comptroller General David Walker warned us of so many months ago and instead offered them a U.S. economic superstructure that truly was their own.

Power to the People!

Cynthia McKinney Calls for New Investigation and Welcomes Stay of Execution in the case of Troy Anthony Davis
Thursday, 25 September 2008 20:14
For immediate release                                                Contact: John Judge
September 25, 2008                                                     202-584-1021

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cynthia McKinney Calls for New Investigation and Welcomes Stay of Execution in the case of Troy Anthony Davis

[Washington, DC] Green Party Presidential Candidate and former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney shares the concerns of Georgians who are calling for the Attorney General to commission an independent investigation into the handling of the Troy Anthony Davis prosecution by both the Savannah Police Department and the Chattam County Prosecutors Office.

Mr. Davis was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Savannah Police Officer Mark Macphail. His conviction was secured on the basis of eyewitness identification evidence. Since his trial, seven citizens who initially testified that Mr. Davis was the shooter have come forward alleging that their respective trial testimony was false. These witnesses-most of whom have no connection to Mr. Davis or to each other---describe the employment of improper identification techniques, police intimidation, and other forms of undue influence at the hands of the Savannah Police Department. For years, the Chatham County prosecutor has been aware of these claims that police intimidation and faulty eyewitness identification procedures resulted in the false identification of Troy Davis. Yet, to date, there appears to be no internal investigation into these troubling allegations.

More recently, an alarming report of government subornation of perjury has been brought to my attention. At a recent meeting of the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, key government witness who identified Troy Davis as the person who shot Officer Macphail, disclosed that when she advised the prosecutor that her identification of Troy Davis was false, she was told to "stick with the story" and forced to testify consistently with her police report.

While McKinney cannot conclusively determine the truth or falsity of these claims, without closer scrutiny, no one can. There can be no other acceptable option than a full and fair investigation of these claims by an independent panel. The failure to conduct such an investigation undermines the integrity of the criminal justice system and could result, as Mr. Davis and his lawyers' claim, in the execution of an innocent man.

McKinney noted, "The absurdity of rushing to execute this potentially innocent man without first examining these serious accusations of police and prosecutorial misconduct compels a 30 day stay." The Supreme Court granted a stay this week.



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