Monday, September 29, 2008

130 Social Media Marketing Examples From Major Brands

Peter Kim at Social Computing Magazine, has taken an enormous task in highlighting some of the interesting Social Media Marketing initiatives taken by company’s across the world. Peters’ Finding:-

For example, applying game mechanics to understand participation, thinking about users vs. customers, and deconstructing ego traps in PR campaigns.  This analysis makes me wonder if social media marketing matters and if so, does it scale.

As a result, I thought it would be useful to compile some of my background research on these topics.  As always with any social media endeavor, I'd appreciate any help in curating this list by providing more details and submitting additional cases.

Total brands listed: 131

Examples of companies using and being used by social media marketing:

Courtesy – Social Computing Magazine

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Peter Kim said...
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Karen R said...

Shiraz, this is Karen from Kryptonite. Thank you for including us in your list...however, the reference you make to our brand is a blog post that dates back to 2004. Since you are using this as a tutorial about Social Media, please share with your readers that we've come along way since then and now have our own blog (, a Kryptonite Facebook page and several of us twitter and plurk on a regular basis. Hopefully, we won't be considered the poster children of what not to do for much longer!

Charles said...

Great list!

If you want some more examples, just drop me an email. We ( have worked with several major brands on their social media strategy.