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Google's Deskbar

What's this all about?

Google has free software that lets you search the Internet without opening a web browser. It's quick and easy. In addition you can create custom searches. With these custom searches you simply enter the words you want to search a site for and then select the web site from the list and the deskbar does all the hard work. You can download the deskbar, for free, from here.

There's a catch. You need to enter special URLs (web links) into the deskbar for your favourite sites in order to search them. This page has all the answers! We begin with instructions on how to configure the deskbar and then give you free and pre-configured URLs for your favourite RPG sites.

Configure your Deskbar

Configure the Google toolbar #3

Google's Toolbar #3

The Special RPG URL list

GameWyrd Searches

Search just GameWyrd's reviews:{1}
Search just GameWyrd's features:{1}
Search GameWyrd's features and reviews:{1}

RPG News Sites

Search GamingReport:{1}
Search ENWorld:{1}
Search d20Zines:{1}

RPG Publishers

Search Wizards of the Coast:{1}
Search Steve Jackson Games:{1}
Search White Wolf:{1}
Search WizKids:{1}
Search Green Ronin:{1}
Search Mongoose Publishing{1}

RPG Shopping Sites
(GameWyrd shamelessly tries to earn commission here!)

Search RPGShop:{1}
Search DriveThruRPG:{1}
Search RPGNow:{1}
Search Things From Another World:{1}
Search Mallarkey:{1}

RPG Fan Sites

Search Yog-Sothoth:{1}
Search Pen & Paper:{1}
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