Stowe, Charles Edward, and Stowe, Lyman Beecher . The Girlhood of Harriet Beecher Stowe
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  • Header
  • Section
  • Section Lyman Beecher's Love of Music
  • Section "Team Work" in the Beecher Family
  • Section Dr. Beecher's Fishing Parties
  • Section The Minister's Study
  • Section Harriet Discovers Cotton Mather
  • Section Bunyan in the Smoke-house
  • Section Old Sermons and the "Arabian Nights"
  • Section Harriet's Fear of the Rats
  • Section The Seafaring Uncle
  • Section Lyman Beecher's Second Marriage
  • Section Mr. Beecher and Jonathan Edwards
  • Section Harriet's School Days
  • Section First Literary Honors
  • Section Wonders of the "Meeting-house"
  • Section Rigors of the Sabbath
  • Section Harriet's Conversion
  • Section "Spiritual Experience" and the Old New England Divines
  • Section Theological Struggles in the Beecher Family
  • Section Tragic Death of Catherine's Betrothed
  • Section Catherine's Religion Taught that His Soul was Lost with His Body
  • Section Bereaved Girl's Struggle with Pitiless Calvinism
  • Section Harriet's Desire for Love
  • Section Religious Doubts and Fears
  • Section Harriet Breaks with Calvinism