Naked Eye - Your Guitar Tone Microphone

It’s time to hit the record button, and play!
Naked Eye Classic and Naked Eye Roswellite - two versions of the great Naked Eye platform - have smooth treble, well-defined midrange, and fat bottom, handling loud and soft volumes without noise. Naked Eye easily delivers that classic thick guitar tone that people spend months and many dollars to achieve, without all the fuss. Naked Eye works right into any preamp, into any computer interface, even straight into a portable field recorder! And it will sound right, because you are in control.

What is True Dual Voicing?

True Dual Voicing means that each side of the Naked Eye has a very different voice, or tone. Crowley and Tripp have specifically tuned Naked Eye to have two distinct personalities, each with excellent characteristics for your recording needs: The front, emblem side has that classic ribbon sound - that thick and creamy tone guitars love. The back has a significantly brighter, rising curve that mimics the rise of high quality vocal condensers, for perfect and flattering vocals. True Dual Voicing isn’t found in any other ribbon mics at any price, so choose versatility: Spin it around and have it both ways - the difference is big.
Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye

Award-Winning Naked Eye Classic received a PAR award in 2006 when it was first introduced. Crowley and Tripp have received three PAR awards.

Crowley and Tripp PAR Awards


Naked Eye Classic is priced at just $829 and Naked Eye Roswellite just $1295. How many Made in USA ribbon mics are priced this low? Surprisingly, when you set up manufacturing for extreme quality, the costs go down because there are fewer variables and no rejects. Every Naked Eye matches the other and we never charge extra for matched pairs (since they all match). Every Naked Eye comes with a very nice wood case and versatile, rotary Monocle Mount designed to make the most of Naked Eye’s unique dual personality. A custom suspension mount option is also available.

Any Preamp, Any Studio, Any Stage

Naked Eye high output, low noise ribbon and high efficiency transformer design means you can match it with any preamp in any studio, or use it live on stage. Each Naked Eye is fitted with a unique custom wound transformer for full bandwidth and highest efficiency. Naked Eye also works perfectly with field recorders - no phantom power needed - just plug it right in and get maximum battery life and great sound without EQ or post processing your tone.

Naked Eye is Unmatched in Quality

The finish, fit, build quality, workmanship, materials selection, and design of Naked Eye, are solid and made to last. Hefty machined parts and direct point-to-point silver blocks and gold ribbon connections assure long life. We ask that you compare Naked Eye with more expensive ribbon (and other) microphones and see and hear the difference in quality and performance. It’s that clear.

Made in USA

All Naked Eye microphones are carefully made in our Ashland, MA laboratory by people who know the art and science of making great microphones.

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Soundwave Research Lab Blog
Soundwave Research Lab Blog

Crowley and Tripp Naked Eye Roswellite (TM)

For those who want the best of both worlds:
The True Dual Voicing of Naked Eye Classic,
plus the ultimate ribbon material.

  • Same sonic versatility as Naked Eye Classic
  • Thick guitar tones on the front, articulate vocals on the back
  • Wood storage case and rotary Monocle Mount standard
  • Exclusive Roswellite ribbon material withstands even the most severe windblast, kick drum, extreme SPLs, and more.
  • Lifetime Warranty!
Buy online now or find your dealer.
What is Roswellite?
Get Naked Eye Roswellite!


Crowley and Tripp - Naked Eye (tm) Ribbon Microphone

Get Naked Eye Classic!

Here’s what you get

  • True Dual Voicing Tone
  • Gorgeous Wood Storage Case
  • Innovative Rotary Monocle Mount
  • 3 Year No Questions Asked Warranty
Buy online now or find your dealer.

Get Naked Eye Classic!


Want a matched pair? Just tell us. We never make customers pay a matching charge. (we think that all quality mics of a given model should match)

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"Looking to get into ribbon microphones? Look no further. The Naked Eye will blow you away. No mic, to date, has captured acoustic and electric guitar in all their beauty and glory the way the Naked Eye has for me. And since it has dual voicing, you can double your parts with a quick spin of the mic, pan them out and get a great stereo image."

“The dark side is warm and when you flip it over, the top end opens up. We used the dark side on a Vox amp to compensate for its brightness, and we used the bright side on a old black Bassman amp to give it some edge. Whichever side I used, I felt comfortable putting it up close, where I would normally put a 57. If I did that with my vintage ribbons, they’d sound terrible.” -Ryan Hadlock, Bear Creek Studios

"We used the Naked Eye alone and were delighted with the results: The sound was bright, a bit twangy, and had all the retro vibe we were looking for." -Electronic Musician

"I'm confident that all the engineers who come through here will be as happy with the Naked Eye as I am." -Mooka Rennick, Prairie Sun Recording

"An exceptional acoustic guitar mic". -Music Tech Magazine

"This mic is excellent for the price….We were tracking a Melancon Tele with a P-90 through a '69 Bassman. Very cool mic.  Lots of compliments on the look." -Jace Crosby, Mainwave Media

"The Naked Eye is a delight to use.  The stand adaptor is brilliantly simple but effective… But you can’t have this one- it’s staying here!"
-Sound on Sound Magazine

"Das Naked Eye ist ein erstaunlicher Vertreter seiner Gattung. Mit zwei klanglichen Charakteristiken ausgestattet, ist es besonders vielseitig einsetzbar." -Professional Audio Magazin, Feb. 2007