The Royal bailout Bluff - and the lemmings that Jump off it

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I hate to rain on your fear parade but there is not going to be “martial Law”, and the USA is not going to be plunged into a dark abyss of poverty, and despair.

Nope. At the risk of loosing readers and listeners to DEADLINE LIVE… I am remaining cautiously pessimistic on the outcome of the latest “Financial 911″

How do I know this? Because George Bush says otherwise. Just about everything coming from the bully pulpit is a LIE! The threats are nothing more than empty threats. A Bluff. Not much different in scope to “the Terrorists hate us for our freedoms” or, “We are fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here” and, “If we don’t take out Saddam Hussein, the mushroom cloud will appear in 10 minutes”….

The borders, and ports have been wide open for the last seven years. Soft targets abound. Easy targets that would throw the US into “Chaos” if hit repeatedly. The malls, the stadiums, the concert halls, and metropolises… Yet no domestic terror? That hasn’t stopped the Republicrats from stripping us of our rights, and spending blood and treasure on foreign wars / counter-intelligence all these years. (all of which has incurred debt, ya know the debt that has caused financial chaos, and if the controllers get their way, “order” out of that very chaos.)

Of course we were told that if the Bailout (control and consolidation) Bill wasn’t signed Monday, all hell would be unleashed. That didn’t happen. Its Friday.

Not that we all shouldn’t be prepared for the worse, I am, but we shouldn’t panic. Nor should we be threatened into compliance.

National Martial Law is nearly impossible to enforce. Sure, with the help of Blackwater etc a city or town can enforce martial law, for awhile. But without full cooperation of the people, forget it. (See Iraq and Afghanistan for examples of how difficult total control over large populations can be. P2OG aside)

The Baseball playoffs will continue, the malls will still be selling slave goods, the stock market will vacillate a few hundred points here and there, big banks and private equity teams will gobble up, “Pac Man” smaller banks and investment firms, and the TV will continue to pump out 500 channels of “programming”. The utility companies will continue to bill you, and you can bet that your credit card payments will be due as always. The elite have too much to lose by pulling the plug now. So…
Life will go on as unusual. Whether we passed the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008″ or not.

With so many BOLD members of Congress holding out, minus the few that took deals and bribes, and with so many highly acclaimed economists warning Americans against this Bill, I can safely say that the USA would have made it through this uncertain time.

But I guess we will never know if the Bill was necessary, as it has just passed the house. The bluff wasn’t called, and the hook is firmly in mouths of Americans and their children. The 2008 US Financial coup is nearly complete.
Just like we will never know if Saddam was planning to attack the US (OK we KNOW that was BS)
The Lemmings and traitors of the Republic caved, and we can be sure of at least one thing: This is just the beginning of more bailouts which already amount to about 1.9 Trillion dollars in 2008.

We can also assume that another wider war will be initiated, and we can pretty much count on another “terror” attack by Al CIA Duh… all of course to take your minds off the raping and pillaging of the USA by foreign bankers. And.. If the 2000 Ecuadorian IMF script holds true, we may see riots and a forfeiture of American natural resources. (Tune in to DEADLINE LIVE this Monday 10.6.08 to hear BBC Investigative reporter Greg Palast discuss this IMF script in detail)
Also, the much feared NAU (regional government similar to the EU) along with the dreaded “Amero” may now be on the fast track. If you do not want to capitulate to that, more threats about the falling dollar should do the trick.

Yes I understand that many Americans are suffering NOW. Believe me, I feel their pain, and logically My family may not be far behind. I get it. We are working 2 or 3 jobs now to cover what once could have been afforded with one job. People are going hungry, and losing their homes. I for one make about 70% less than I did in radio in the 1990’s. But this can all be attributed to an incremental road to slavery and the mountain of debt built on a house of cards. As always we ask, who benefits, and who pays.

NY Pyramid

“There is scarcely a King (or would be king) in a hundred who would not, if he could, follow the example of Pharaoh - Get first all of the people’s money, then all their lands, and make them and all their children slaves forever.”

- Thomas Jefferson

With the new bill passing full of pork, can we ask… If we are so broke, how can we afford all this bacon?

From USA Today:

For most, race cars have little to do with the $700 billion economic recovery plan lawmakers will consider Friday. But in Congress, they could make a difference.

That’s because Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-N.J., who voted against the bailout, now must decide on a revised bill that carries a tax break for owners of motorsports complexes, a proposal he has supported in the past.

From income tax breaks that could affect millions of Americans to tax breaks for racetracks, the economic recovery bill scheduled for a vote Friday is loaded with provisions that may tempt House members who previously voted “no” to change their mind.

Tax breaks for fishermen harmed by the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 are supported by Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, who voted against the bailout. And subsidies now included for people who bike to work are backed by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., who also voted “no.”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…. McCain struggles to explain why HE supported a bill so full of pork, while people stand in line for bread. Hypocrisy that will cost him the election. Again we ask, Incompetence or design?

And, as if all of this isn’t injury enough, what about this INSULT:

Report: Bailout bill included Hidden Carbon Tax Provisions!

Excerpt: If you look at page 180 of the 451-page monster bailout bill that easily passed the Senate yesterday (PDF here), you will see that it includes at Section 116 language about the tax treatment of “industrial source carbon dioxide.” It also provides, at Section 117, for a “carbon audit of the tax code.” What could a provision about the tax treatment of “industrial source carbon dioxide” and another provision about doing a “carbon audit” of the tax code possibly have to do with restoring confidence in Wall Street’s troubled credit markets? The answer: NOTHING. This appears to be an attempt by global warming fanatics to lay the foundation for an economy-killing carbon tax just like the “cap-and-tax” system that is now destroying European industry.

It appears that this “Bailout” Rescue and recovery Bill is a wet dream for the powers that be. The result is that we will not be plunged into 1929 and a greater depression… We have however just witnessed yet another roll back for Life, Liberty, and property. Damned if we do.

So relax America. Your used to debt and control so this pill shouldn’t be too hard to swallow.
Go Shopping!

More Info coming out on the WTP Fest in LA - Part 2 today on radio

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For Immediate Release
October 1st, 2008

If you haven’t heard, all of the speakers INVITED to the “We The People” Fest in Los Angeles this past Saturday, 9.27.08 WERE CENSORED BY AUTHORITIES IN LA

(This included Myself - Jack Blood, Anti War Icon and Congressional Candidate Cindy Sheehan, and Green Party Presidential Candidate and former Congresswoman (GA) Cynthia McKinney.)

The event was besieged with problems beginning just a few weeks before the scheduled event at the Los Angeles State Historic Park located just south of Downtown LA.

The event organizers were put under an enormous amount of pressure after certain political entities became abusive over the event artwork, and the choice of speakers to attend. The police were “concerned” that a riot could ensue if we spoke to the 5,000 plus crowd. (Many more would’ve been at the event which could hold 20,000 if the police did not block the entrance after they decided too many people were gathered together with “anti - government” opinions.) What happened to the First Amendment????

I was about to speak before Suicidal Tendencies - just after Fishbone when I was pulled off stage and told that the cops would shut down the event if I was allowed to go on stage. (I had planned to bring Dylan Avery from “Loose Change” on stage with me)
ST had really fired up the crowd, and then were besieged by “technical problems”

Later,Cindy Sheehan was told that she could introduce Tom Morello (Rage against the Machine) but would NOT be allowed to address the crowd, nor mention Rep McKinney. She refused the “offer”.

Cynthia McKinney was backstage with Cindy Sheehan. Not only did they have a hard time getting into the show, but were treated like gate crashers at the event.

Shavarsh “Shavo” Odadjian (System of a Down) also did not attend the event as scheduled, and I assumed this was because of the nature of what was (not) happening.

The event organizers, in my opinion, could have done a better job standing up to the authorities, but should not be blamed at this time. (I will reserve judgment) If the concert was shut down it certainly would’ve resulted in a full scale riot, which might have been the goal all along. In attendance were hundreds of small children who would have been caught in an extremely violent situation.

The censorship came from several source points.

1) The Mayor of LA: Antonio Villaraigosa who is a major Obama supporter, and who had wanted to speak from the main stage earlier in the day, on the contingency that the 3 scheduled speakers not be allowed to take the main stage. It appears that all orders carried out by local police were directed from the Mayor’s office. (Who was giving orders to the State Police?)

2) Rock the Vote: We heard that they had booked most of the bands, and were displeased by the “anti establishment” “anti Obama” rhetoric previously displayed by the 3 speakers. (OK I am Guilty)

3) The Obama campaign: Who had somehow co-opted the event. There were several Obama and anti McCain booths at the event, and after the speakers were censored, the entire event turned into an Obama rally.
The question is, did the Obama campaign recruit the Mayor (and the Staters) to stop the 3 speakers who would oppose their candidate, and reveal that neither the Demopublicans, nor Republicrats were coming to save us.

4) Every speaker scheduled to speak were also 911 Truth supporters, and we can assume that certain people in positions of power did not want us to detail
the high crimes and treason perpetrated by the guilty.

TODAY - 10.1.08 - I will be joined by Cindy Sheehan (
AND Dylan Avery

2nd Hour starts at 5 PM Eastern Time. (Stream 2)
OR you can look for it later at
The Interview is archived Here:

I want to thank the organizers of this event for inviting me, and attempting to make a world class event in one of the biggest cities in the world.
What we have learned is just how far the establishment will go to shut down the TRUTH! In the future we might leave our children at home so that we can respond in such a way that the authorities will understand that WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WERE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Long Live the Revolution!

Jack Blood
(Thought Criminal & Enemy of the State)

All Speakers censored at “We The People” fest

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By Jack Blood


Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney and Jack Blood were prohibited from speaking at
WTP Fest in Los Angeles today. The event had been heavily promoted in LA by KROQ FM, and the LA Weekly etc….
I was on the main stage, ready to go on just after Fishbone and just before Suicidal Tendencies…about 7 PM 9.27.08
Dylan Avery was with me and I had planned to give him some time during my speech.

I was pulled from the stage, and told that if I spoke the local, state, and (agenda 21) police would shut down the gig. (We had about 8,000 people by then)

At this time I believe that the Mayor of Los Angeles made the call to stop us from speaking. (Earlier in the day he had asked to speak at the event, but only under the condition that the Three of us not speak on the main stage. I heard that the organizers told him no.) I interviewed several people who told us that “Political Pressure” had intervened to stop us from speaking.

We have much more on this, and will report the story on the Tuesday Edition of Deadline live.

None of the speakers were allowed to speak by nights end.

This all might have come down due to the massive Obama presence at the event.

* Dylan Avery and Cindy Sheehan will appear on DEADLINE LIVE 10.1.08 to break this all down.


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By Jack Blood
September 23rd, 2008

“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is Absolute Master of All industry and commerce.”

- James Garfield, U.S. President

I know, I know… The sky is falling, it’s the end of the world, the US economy is “crashing” Blah Blah Blah.

While hack economic analysts appear on the controlled news networks telling consumers to keep eating cake, while politicians play the blame game, doomsayers are jumping up and down warning of massive upheaval and a dire future of mass poverty, and bread lines.

Last week my wife took a call from Lyndon Larouche seeking an interview on my syndicated radio program. I was out and when I came back to the studio my wife was freaking out, “He says that we need to get ready for total catastrophe in two weeks”
She was in a panic.

We have been hearing this self serving nonsense for the last several years. In fact, the most accurate of these “forecasts” came from Al Martin, who was a bag man, and money launderer for the Bush crime family. Martin said on the air with me in 2003 that the “economic crash” would come in 2008. Though we haven’t technically witnessed a real crash yet, we are pretty damn close, (CLOSE ENOUGH TO SCARE PEOPLE INTO BUYING THE “SOLUTIONS”) so it makes me wonder how Martin got so much right five years ago. The problem is, and I always ask myself this no matter what happens in the world… CUI BONO? WHO BENEFITS? (Beside the people selling end of the world goods and services)

On September 15th 2008 I interviewed Joan Veon who I believe confirms what I have been saying over the last year. Namely, that all of this is an engineered financial crisis to set up the Federal Reserve in the role of savior. And it all began on September 11th 2001.

Joan Veon was just a business woman in 1996 before going to her first global economic forum. This was a huge wake up call for her. Since, she has been to over 90 global conferences, including Davos, G7, G8 meetings, and Bank of International Settlements meetings (BIS is the central bank for ALL of the central banks). Her passion for continuously monitoring the money masters, means that she has a unique vista of the top down global financial system.

I will get to what she is warning us about in a bit.

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Educate to Elevate: We the People Music Festival Raises Awareness in LA

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Music and politics mix Constitutional-style when the ‘We the People’ Music, Arts & Cultural Festival steps up on the soapbox Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008 at the Los Angeles Historic State Park.

In conjunction with Project Sweatshop and Grass Roots, the non-partisan festival’s primary objective is to create an environment where artists can engage America’s urban youth to create a dialogue that raises social awareness and knowledge.

Musical artists on the bill to help create that dialogue are Les Claypool from Primus, Wu Tang’s RZA, Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine & Nightwatchman, EPMD, Suicidal Tendencies, Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down, Barrington Levy, Ill Bill, Dilated Peoples, Fishbone and DJs Premier and Z Trip. There are three stages of live music, for an updated list of performers, click here.On the political front, Green Party Presidentical candidate Cynthia McKinney will be speaking as well as Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan, who became an international symbol of Iraqi War dissidence when her son was killed in combat and she protested at President Bush’s Crawford ranch. Syndicated radio personality Jack Blood and farm activist Tezozomoc will also be attempting to save the world from tyranny. Rock the Vote will also be there to register voters, who are … obviously rocking.

Full Article

Jack Blood interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and whistleblower

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Jack Blood at Revolution 4 Freedom

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Jimi Hendrix was assassinated - 38 years ago today

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at 27…

I wouldn’t be here w/ ya’ll if I hadn’t heard “If 6 was 9″

Tip a glass for Jimi today.

“The C.I.A. and the Mafia coordinated activities because the Mafia wanted a piece of the music business and the C.I.A. wanted to do away with politics in popular music — so they had an incentive to join forces.”

If the Hippie psychedelic drug extravaganza began with the C.I.A. (see Acid Dreams by Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain), and the F.B.I. conducted a snitch operation against Leftists in the Sixties and Seventies (COINTELPRO), could Rock & Roll have been left alone?

No, we’re not buying into the Lyndon LaRouche conspiracy theory which posits that The Beatles and Grateful Dead were unholy inventions of the Tavistock Institute in England, designed to clutter and confuse youthful minds and take them away from Mozart and nuclear fusion.

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Preview of our new sponsor - NEO CONS GONE WILD

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No - I am not joking! You will be hearing a lot of this on the show over the next few months.
The full length vid is funny as hell… goes where few will. GET IT!!!

Jerry Anomie is the creator. His band “Legionaires Disease” is legendary in TX.

They say I will be in the next edition. (Cheney hates me, but can’t stop listening to DEADLINE LIVE) I will probably lose affiliates over this, But hey..
I love how it embarrasses the baby stabbers!

Here is a teaser

Neo Cons Gone Wild, teaser part 2

press release: Filmmaker Urges International Tribunal to Probe 9/11

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Italian film-maker Giulietto Chiesa, who was in Berlin for a screening of his documentary which questions the official US version of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, has called for an international tribunal to probe events.

“Chiesa was in Berlin at the weekend for a screening of his film which features, among others, novelist Gore Vidal and playwright Dario Fo as well as retired American professor of philosophy David Ray Griffin who advances conspiracy theories that contradict mainstream accounts of events of 11 September, 2001.”