News Update

HMS WHIMBREL Project to be put in abeyance

It is with great regret that I have to report that we are putting in abeyance the HMS WHIMBREL Project. Our intention had been to acquire this Second World War Sloop (now the ENS TARIQ) from the Egyptian Government and to bring her home to her previous operating base in Liverpool. There she would have been a memorial to those who served in the Battle of the Atlantic, a heritage site, a visitor attraction and an educational focus for the Atlantic campaign.

Despite a great deal of effort on our part, we have been unable to conclude a satisfactory agreement with the Egyptian Government to acquire the vessel. It is now clear that it just will not be possible to meet two conflicting needs: on the one hand the Egyptians have financial and presentational expectations; on the other we sought a price for the vessel that is both achievable and which would meet the wishes of our supporters and the regulatory bodies. The bottom line is that we could not agree a price.

We have therefore concluded that we have no alternative but to discontinue our work on the Project to acquire the vessel and bring her home. Since the vessel still exists, however, we are going to keep the Charity and Company Name going, so that if the Egyptian Government changes its mind the Project could be revitalised.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all those who have given us such enormous support in our efforts over the years.

Vice Admiral Michael Gretton, CB, CVO, MA, FNI