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News 9/1: New female gamer, yeaeee! Amanda

4th Edition Character Sheets
4E Character Sheet in Excel by Rohin Joyce
4E Character Sheet Automated in Excel by Rohin Joyce
4E Character Sheet PDF format by Rohin Joyce

Races and Feats
Beast Folk Races and Feats 3.5E by Gideon Kalve Jarvis

The Keep by Michael Morley

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News 7/15: Contest Winners, new section Short Stories.

Short Stories
Vampies by Lily Flower (3rd)
Warrior's Reward by Anthony Simeone (2nd)
The Wishing Stone by Kara Taylor (1st)

Campaign Settings
Bloodlines by Alex Thompson (3rd)

Placed and Traps
Marble Halls Dungeon by Jeffrey A DeWolfe (3rd)
Lair of the Lich by Micheal K. Tumey

Kelras Thallan by Lily Flower
Naxar Moonsorrow by Lily Flower
Tuff-Nik by Lily Flower
Fonkin by Xavier Capaldi
Tengu by Xavier Capaldi
Thrall by Xavier Capaldi

News 7/14: After much thought and consideration I have come up with the winners of the contest. Please take a look at the forum for more.

News 6/24: Nothing new to report. I am sick this week so the contest results might be delayed a week.

Random Dungeons Generator by Hans Mills

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News 3/26: Updated article and the forum is back up. We had a little SPAM problem. We still need a female gamer of the month for April.

Article from WOTC:
Nature of Evil

News 3/17: Top o' the mornin' to ya laddies... Happy St. Patrick's Day. Forum is down while it gets restored from backup. SQL update did not go through.

Question of Religion III (ZIP 2.5Mb) by Wez Mond
Question of Religion II (ZIP 585Kb) by Wez Mond Updated
The Bronze Flute (ZIP 335Kb) by Wez Mond
Lions and Blades (ZIP 163Kb) by Wez Mond

Creature Crypt:
Leeches (ZIP 20Kb) detailed analysis by Xavier Fadeli

News 3/6: Kitty, our new female gamer of the month.

Shaman ZIP 141 Kb by Mike Sumrall

News 2/6: Tegan, our new female gamer of the month.

News 1/3: Well Happy New Year everyone. I am starting to feel old at 40. Well no female gamer this month so if you are interested in becoming one please email me. Suggestions and material for the site are always accepted.

News 12/05: New female gamer of the month C (I just got a 1st initial)

Role Playing the Bottom Three from the WOTC (Regdar's Repository)
Spell Casters vs Warriors by Al Sousa

News 11/06: New female gamer of the month Krynne

News 9/12: New female gamer of the month Alicia

News 9/12: Updated tool

DM Secretary 4.1.10 (ZIP 33.5Mb) PC tool for running games UPDATED

News 9/10: New article on RPGs

Whats Wrong with Online RPGs? by Al Sousa

News 9/7: New female gamer of the month Missa

News 8/5: New female gamer of the month Jenifer

News 8/28: Added article on Paladins

Clear Answer for Paladins from WOTC

News 7/2: New female gamer of the month Michelle

The Summoner ZIP 100k, by Damon Schmidt

News 6/1: New female gamer of the month Kat

News 5/1: The webmaster is 40 today, blek. I am officially middle age although I still feel 25. Well we got a new female game and a new adventure add on.

The Obsidian Tower by Brett ZIP (1.275MB)

New female gamer of the month Kim.

News 4/14: Not much going on. With all the material being put out there it is difficult to come up with something useful for players and DM from me. Yesterday I was at a book store and just amazed at how many books I have never heard of are on the shelves for D&D. SO many spells, prestige classes, note, ideas. You practically need a 4 year degree to understand it all. D&D has definitely changes from 1982 when I started playing it.

Anatomy of an Auto-Capture

News 3/27: Still no volunteers for female gamer.

DM Secretary 4.0.23 (ZEP 33.5Mb) PC tool for running games UPDATED

News 3/2: Boohoo, no female gamer for March. Looks like we are running out. But we added some more resources for DMs and NWN2 players.

Creature Crypt:
Epic Arch Devils (ZIP 1.2M) by Sebastien Urbanek

News 2/4: New female gamer of the month Monica. Still not much going on.

Observations on the CR System
Classes, Prestige Classes, and Internal Balance
Low Magic D&D Made Fun and Easy For Everyone

DM Screen (55Kb ZIP) by Eduardo Moranchel

News 1/6: New female gamer of the month Ximon. Still not much going on.

News 12/3: New female gamer of the month Drana.

News 11/27: Happy "Lets kill the indian and take their land day". This holiday is so wrong.

DM Tools:
Rumor Generator by Alexander Harms

Prestige Class
Demon Disciple by Adam Buchinski
   I suggest for NPCs only.


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