Adobe Content Server 4

Adobe Content Server 4

Adobe® Content Server 4 software is a robust server solution that digitally protects PDF and reflowable EPUB eBooks for Adobe Digital Editions software and supported mobile devices, including the Sony® Reader Digital Book PRS-505. Easy to integrate into existing systems using industry-standard technologies, Content Server 4 allows you to host and manage eBooks on your existing infrastructure. Content Server even supports lending libraries and third-party resellers.

Migrating from Content Server 3

Adobe will soon end all support for Content Server 3 services. Until then, you can easily migrate your existing eBook content to Content Server 4. Learn more

Adobe opens eBook distribution with new server technology

Adobe announces Content Server 4, a new server software solution that copy protects downloadable eBooks for Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe's free client software for purchasing, managing and reading eBooks. Learn more


Smooth integration

Easily add Content Server 4 to your existing content management and fulfillment solutions.

Support for industry-standard file formats

Sell or lend rights-protected eBooks in either PDF or EPUB, a reflowable open standard for digital eBooks.

Expiration of permissions for lending content

Make eBooks available for a specified length of time. At the end of that period, the content is returned to the lending institution.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

After an initial startup fee that covers any amount of servers and files, pay per transaction with rates that vary depending on how your content is distributed, whether using permanent or expiring licenses.

Desktop and mobile support

Allow your readers to manage their digital rights-protected eBooks on Mac OS and Windows® platforms, as well as on mobile reading devices like the Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505.

Flexible permissions

Assign custom print, copy, and expiration permissions on your eBook files, including limits on printing and copying over specified time periods.

Multichannel support

Distribute content to multiple retail and library websites.

Improved security

Take advantage of the latest encryption technology in Adobe Content Server 4.

Convenient administration

Flexibly manage Content Server either though APIs or a convenient Admin Console.

Easy migration from Content Server 3

Take advantage of a migration utility that does not require repackaging Content Server 3 PDF files for Content Server 4. Learn more

Technology overview

Adobe Content Server 4 offers a robust set of services that include more secure packaging of unencrypted eBooks and support for PDF and EPUB formats. Content Server has been specifically designed to work with existing e-commerce sites, library websites, and other infrastructures, without requiring extensive integration or development.

Adobe Content Server 4 System Overview

To find out more about the technology behind Adobe Content Server 4, please see: