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Brian Crosby leaves Bell X1

Bell X1 have announced that Brian Crosby will be leaving the band following their October 19 Flock tour finale at the Panorama Festival in the Lebanon.

"It's an extraordinary privilege to be in a band with your mates for more than 15 years,” Brian says. “And I'm really grateful for everything that I have got to do with Bell X1, for all the adventures we have had and for the great support of our fans. It's been particularly wonderful to have connected with so many people and to have got to meet people all over the world doing what I love. I look forward to continue making those connections. At the same time I'll be applauding the band’s continued success."

Having been bitten by the studio bug while curating and producing The Cake Sale charity album, which has raised over €250,000 for Oxfam, Crosby now wants to concentrate on that side of the business.

Ruing his departure, Bell X1 frontman Paul Noonan adds: "We've grown up making music together, and will of course miss Brian in all of the areas that he drove things. The band has become a hub from which many other projects have sprung over the past few years, which is a very healthy thing I think – it's been great to explore other areas of music. I know his voice will continue to reach people, and I'm sure we'll work together again in some shape or form. The band have had time to prepare for this and we’re excited to be going into the cycle of a whole new album. We'll be drafting someone new into the live band and we’re itching to bring a brand new show to people."

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