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Chromagen’s Solar Water Heating Systems

chromagen_sunflower_logo_400Chromagen Solar is the world’s third largest manufacturer of flat plate solar thermal collectors, and it has engineered the systems to be highly modular and ‘plumber-friendly’ to ensure the installation can be done by a qualified plumber and get integrated into the central heating system and the boiler back up circuit of a typical UK domestic unit.

Established in 1962, makes Chromagen one of the oldest players in the relatively young space of renewable energy solutions. The company has built a global leadership and a strong reputation during the half century it has been operating through and has always kept a balance between the requirements of the customer and the ease of installation and skills of the plumber or heating engineer. It is now a major player in over 35 markets world wide, with strong presence in Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, USA, Australia, South America and other markets. Chromagen’s solar collectors have proven to be long lasting, and their build-quality to be among the best.low_profile_system

Chromagen has invested not only in making its products easy to install by plumbers and heating engineers, but also ensured they are meeting stringent tests by the worlds leading solar thermal testing facilities. Chromagen has been approved by highly regarded the German Key-mark TUV, as well as SPF facility in Switzerland, ENEA Italy, Clear Skies UK, INTA Spain, ARL, SRCC USA, CSTB France and ANSI Australia. Also, the systems have been tested and approved by the European benchmark standard EN12975 (parts 1+2).
Chromagen has recently inaugurated a new state-of-the-art facility of 3,500m2 for solar collectors’ production, which allows the company to make the high volumes of solar collectors and maintain the high standard of manufacturing and engineering.

Chromagen has developed several product families that meet requirements of different types of customers and climate patterns. All types build upon the company’s proven and tested systems that combine effective solar collectors and highly insulated hot water tanks to retain the heat generated by the sun.
collector and the hot water cylinder. The system is normally located on the roof of the building and can be easily installed by a capable plumber.The most popular system in the Mediterranean countries is the thermosyphone system which uses gravity to circulate the water between the The system does not require electric connection and work by gravity only, thus making it simple and long lasting due to having no moving parts.

Chromagen has built a powerful system that is designed for the colder and less sunny climates of Northern Europe. The system consists of special collectors with highly absorbent coating (to capture as much light as possible, even on a dull cloudy day), as well as a digital controller that guides the system to operate at the best utilisation levels, along with a highly insulated tank that loses virtually no heat to the environment thus ensuring the heat captured by the collectors remains inside for the members of the household to use.

Chromagen has developed strong links with property developers that require mass solar systems for large apartment blocks and large developments. Leveraging its many years of experience, Chromagen has developed customer-made systems that use a main collectors array on the roof to heat up the domestic hot water for the entire block of flats using several types of water management to bring the hot water into each flat or unit and all this using the sun as the primary heating source. This set up is used not only for blocks of flats but also for large installations in commercial nature, such as hospitals, hotels and industrial facilities.


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