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Bunyip -Pouch- Bunyip -Pouch- [ Submit Correction ]
Members? Yes Quest? No Tradeable? Yes Stackable? No
Examine: I can summon a bunyip familiar with this. Weight: 0.00 kg
Category Summoning Sub-category Pouches
High Alchemy 1904 gp Low Alchemy 1270 gp
Bunyip pouch
Minimum Price Market Price Maximum Price
1,715 gp 1,805 gp 1,895 gp
7 Days: +1.2%   30 Days: +1.9%   Last Snapshot: 06/10/2008
Location Player made at summoning level 68.
Uses Summons a Bunyip familiar that can:
  • Heal you for 2hp regularly.
  • Convert fish into water runes.
  • Special attack allows you to eat raw fish if you have the required cooking level.
Notes Crafted at a summoning obelisk out of a green charm, summoning pouch, 110 shards, and a Raw shark. This grants 119.2 xp. A bunyip uses 7 summoning points when summoned.
Links Summoning Guide
Credits Fudgy999, Lalala7324, tryto




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