misson details

Crash date: June 28, 1943; found August 12, 1945

Crash location: North-Central Wyoming, high atop a ridge now named "Bomber Mountain", in the Big Horn Mountains.

Boeing B-17F Serial # 42-3399 Name" Scharazad"

Flying from Pendleton Army Air Base in Pendleton Oregon Flying to Grand Island Army Air Base in Grand Island, Nebraska

At time of crash it was attached to the 2nd Air force, 2nd bomber command, 17th Bomber Wing, 383rd Bomb Group, 541st Bomber Squadron

The crew is as follows:

pilot, William R Ronaghan, O-795145
co-pilot, Anthony J. Tilotta, O-680767
navigator, Leonard H Phillips, O-678761
bombardier, Charles H Suppes, O-733366
aircraft engineer, James A Hinds 39246908
Radio Operator, Ferguson T Bell, Jr., 34334803
assistant aircraft engineer, Lee 'Vaughn' Miller, 35433022
Assistant radio operator, Charles E. Newburn, Jr, 38188183
aircraft gunner, Jake F. Penick, 18008587
assistant aircraft gunner, Lewis M Shepard, 14083794

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