Crowd Noise: Louisiana Tech

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Saturday, Sep 02, 2006 - 10:31:01 pm CDT

Lucas Wood, Tekamah: “It was a good game, we have a good offensive line actually this year. Now we won’t be so one-dimensional. We’ll actually have a running game this year that will open up the passing game.”

Chris Wiklund, Lincoln: “(On the new video screen) From where we were sitting, I couldn’t see it. We’re in the East Stadium, and I miss where they’ve moved the scoreboard from. Now, we have to look further away. They could have left one there, I suppose, or build another one on the other side. Also, now we can’t see the scores of other games across the country. I miss that.”

Ryan Nietfeldt, Omaha: “I sat right in front of the new scoreboard, and I think it’s worth every penny. I guess you need to spend the money to keep the people coming here and keep the tradition going.”

Laura Novotny, Ord: “I liked our offense a lot. We have some good I-backs and our running game looks pretty strong. Marlon Lucky looked really good.”

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