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  • "Blacks in Great Britain," a short but comprehensive historical essay by Leyla Keough (Africana.com)
  • "A short history of immigration" (BBC's Race UK)
  • Black Presence: Asian and Black History in Britain, 1500-1850 (British National Archives) is cryptically designed, but highly informative. The galleries entitled "Early Times," "Work and Community," and "Culture" are especially useful. (Use the sidebars to navigate among the subsections within galleries, or simply go to the site index to choose a particular subsection.)
  • Sadly (and unforgiveably), the BBC has taken its "Windrush" site devoted to Black British history and culture off-line. (The site was named after the S.S. Empire Windrush, the ship whose arrival in England from the Caribbean in July 1948 inaugurated the first wave of postwar Black and Asian immigration to the UK).  A handful of pages from that site have migrated to other BBC locations:
  • Channel 4's "Untold" is a superb (and continually developing) site supporting its 1999 "Black History Season."  It has pages devoted to Britain's Slave Trade, a mutiny by British West Indian soldiers after World War I, the 1981 racial uprisings across England, and "Brown Babies"--the children of white English mothers and black American GI's during World War II.  Each unit includes a lengthy program summary and a page of related links and recommended further reading.  Another really superb site from Channel 4 is its interactive "Black and Asian History Map," which it describes as "a gateway to websites about black and Asian history across the British Isles."
  • Migration Histories (MovingHere.org.uk) assembles archival documents, photos, film and sound clips on Caribbean, Irish, Jewish, and South Asian immigration into Britain--a splendid site.
  • NPR's Morning Edition for June 22, 1998 aired a story on the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush in England (RealAudio--highly recommended)
  • How many black people are there in Britain? (a summary of statistics taken from the 1991 census)
  • The Black Presence in Britain (a private site constructed by Phil Gregory)
  • Generations Journey: an interactive archive of Afro-Caribbean oral history in Kirklees, West Yorkshire
  • Liverpool's Black Roots:  an annual Summer School Program offered by the University of Liverpool

Arts & Culture/Business/Current Affairs

  • Transforming the Crown: African, Asian & Caribbean Artists in Britain, 1966-1996 (a traveling exhibition organized by the Franklin H. Williams Caribbean Cultural Center/African Diaspora Institute, New York)
  • Holland Cotter, "Roots of Empire: Britain's Black Artists" (New York Times 4 December 1998)
  • Sukhdev Sandhu, "The Thin Black Line" (Obsever 16 July 2000:  a review article of two new surveys of Black British writing)
  • The Chronicle ("Britain's first Internet magazine monitoring Britain's Black urban communities")
  • Black Britain Online ("the leading Black oriented Web Site in the UK, focusing on Black professionals and business leaders")
  • "BLINK": The Black Information Link
  • Site devoted to Scottish poet and novelist Jackie Kay (created by HSU English students)

Race Relations/Civil Rights


Vanley Burke, "Boy with Flag" (Birmingham, England, 1969)

Tibor Kalman, "Colors 4 (Race)."  Originally published in Colors magazine; now included in the exhibit "Tiboricity" at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York.  Image İM&Co

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