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In his own heavily-tatted, strip-club-rocking way, Buckcherry singer Josh Todd has as much red-state appeal as Mike Huckabee. Like Buckcherry’s last album, the platinum-selling 15, Black Butterfly finds Todd reaching out to folks who prefer their rock straightforward and frill-free, with the rail-thin frontman showing the same interest in arty affectations as he apparently has in fatty foods. Buckcherry are treading well-worn ground here — see also Aersomith, AC/DC, G’n’R — but Todd and Co. seem to wager that enough shout-along tunes will trump any familiarity. For most of the album, they’re right. There are duds, including “Too Drunk,” an annoying character sketch about a dunderheaded hedonist who “put some pussy on layaway.” But Todd usually succeeds by not trying too hard. He spits adenoidal hooks on blazing rockers like “Rescue Me,” and although Todd’s lyrics get dark — “Tired Of You” concerns a friend’s descent into addiction — the sound avoids the over-the-top angst and bloodletting of other red-state-friendly rockers (talking ‘bout you, Disturbed). At the very least, Butterfly is enough to keep these guys off the state fair circuit for the time being.


(Posted: Oct 2, 2008)


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