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ELI 2006 Annual Meeting, January 29–31

Advancing Learning: Insights and Innovations

January 29–31, 2006
Westin Horton Plaza Hotel, San Diego, CA

Registration (online, phone, fax, e-mail, etc.) for the ELI Annual Meeting main conference is closed. If you are already registered for the main conference and would also like to register for a preconference workshop, contact EDUCAUSE Member Services at 303-449-4430 or conf@educause.edu. View the list of workshops (please note: separate fee required).

General Session Speakers

Advances in technology have allowed higher education to make learning increasingly available to anyone, at any time. As these advances continue, the discussion has shifted to include not only how technology can expand access to education, but how higher education can use technology to enable more successful learning.

Join us at the 2006 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI, formerly NLII) Annual Meeting, Advancing Learning: Insights and Innovations, to explore our fundamental assumptions about what, where, and how we educate. We'll focus on the ways institutions can enhance student learning, going beyond specific examples of innovation to the processes and practices that enable systemic progress toward more effective learning.

Many meeting sessions will deal with the ways in which information technology can mitigate the limitations of our current learning models. Some of the questions we'll discuss are:

  • What factors limit successful learning–access? time? pedagogy? space? institutional support?
  • What should we understand about learners, learning principles, and learning technologies that would allow us to enhance learner success?
  • What assumptions should we challenge: what it means to be "educated?" who our students are? the models we use for teaching and learning? how we use technology?
  • What must we do to move beyond the limitations of our current learning practices?

In the ELI tradition, the annual meeting is a setting for interactive and hands-on learning, with a variety of presentations, discussions, and workshops. Sessions will fall into one of three interest areas: learners, learning principles and practices, and learning technologies. In addition, ELI will once again offer Experience It Sessions, which provide participants the opportunity to gain direct experience with emerging learning practices and technologies.

(Please Note: To make the Experience It sessions' hands-on activities possible, space is limited and in-person registration for these sessions is required. If you would like to participate in an Experience It session, please plan to register for one at the ELI Registration Desk onsite.)

Read message about ELI Annual Meeting and union activity.

Featured Speakers

Distinguished featured speakers will anchor the four concurrent track presentation time slots on Monday and Tuesday with addresses on key issues facing higher education professionals.


  • CIOs
  • Academic technology directors
  • Instructional designers
  • Librarians
  • Faculty
  • Administrators

Premeeting Preparations

Speakers may recommend white papers, Web sites, articles, and other resources for specific topics or sessions that may be helpful to review before the meeting. These materials will be posted on the Premeeting Preparations page as they are provided to us.

Attend as a Team

The ELI Annual Meeting is usually most valuable to those institutions that send a team. Institutional teams have rich opportunities for collaboration and are better prepared to implement what they learn. We encourage you to attend as a team.

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