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Intellectual Freedom Resources

Thoughts and Tips on the Topic of Challenges to Resources

  1. Be calm.
  2. Become informed on opposing viewpoints.
  3. Follow established district forms and policies.
  4. Have a file with copies of pertinent forms and information
  5. Keep administration informed.
  6. Refer written complaint to chair of review committee or other assigned personnel.
  7. Communicate professionally with complainant about committee meetings and results.
  8. Defend the principle of the freedom to read and the professional responsibility of teachers and librarians.
  9. Don't let media turn problems into an event (easy to say, but when it happens, just keep following your district's policy and procedures).
  10. Keep informed of community groups.
  11. Call colleagues and professional organizations for information and help:
  • 800-545-2433 American Library Association
  • 800-545-2433 x4386 American Association of School Librarians
  • 800-545-2433 x4222 Office of Intellectual Freedom
  • 202-833-4000 National Education Association
  • 800-369-6283 National Council of Teachers of English
  • 916-447-2684 California School Library Association
  • -- Ask for phone numbers of the Intellectual Freedom Committee chair and members



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