redlight of barranjoey

Because it was spelt Barranjoey (not Barrenjoey) during the period of manned occupation, I have retained that spelling and will do so for the other books in the quartet. The following is an excerpt from Tales From Barranjoey.

Spelt Barranjoey on my Admiralty charts, the New South Wales Coast Sailing Directions (1976) and by the Lighthouse Service (Barrenjoey on road maps), over the past two centuries there have been many variations of the spelling of this landmark. Generally attributed to the Aboriginal word for small kangaroo (more likely, wallaby), Governor Phillip in March 1788 gave the Headland its first recorded name as Barrenjuee. Surveyor White (1827) followed with Barrenjuey, Surveyor Govett (1836) Barranjul, Captain Sidney RN (1868) Baranjo, and Lieut Gowlland RN (1872) Barranju. Also Barranjo, Barenja, Barrenjee, Barrenjoei have been used, along with other variants contained in this book.
The Geographical Names Register recognises Barranjoey as a variant spelling, but the Geographical Names Act, 1966 was enacted to avoid confusion caused by having different names and spellings for one feature. Barrenjoey Head was assigned as a geographical name on March 5, 1976, and Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Barrenjoey (Station) Beach, and Barrenjoey trig station on March 11, 1977. Other than in historical or research documents, only the assigned name should be published. However, my research predates that, as does my story, and their 'thorough investigation' did not include any competent local participation.


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