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Level Up Your Notepad

Written by fx on April 12, 2008 – 8:43 am

Notepad2 is a notepad.exe replacement for Windows; with a whole lot more features. The key here is that its still very much a notepad - no huge memory usage, no long loading time, and its simple to use.

“Get code syntax highlighting, regular expression search, better text selection options, and support for Unix and Mac-created text files in Notepad2, which can run standalone from a thumb drive. You can even replace Windows Notepad entirely with Notepad2, though it takes a few steps—here’s a tutorial on how for XP users, and one for Vista users.” Read on at LifeHacker ..

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One Comment to “Level Up Your Notepad”

  1. Arné Says:

    Very nice program, been using it for a while and it’s past awesomeness!!
    I like the link you placed for replacing the old notepad - thanks!

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