May 14 , 2006

Covina, CA





Match 1: American Championship Tournament Finals

Dan "The Man" Kobrick vs Angelas

The American Championship Tournament came to a historic end with these two amazing rookies. In one corner, you had the fierce intensity of one EWF's newest superstars, Angelas, and in the other corner you had the experience and ring awareness of Dan Kobrick. The hungry rookies took it to the outside which resulted into Angelas using the ring to his advantage by delivering a rotating kick to the face of Kobrick, which caught him off guard. Kobrick regained control of the match and looked like he was ready to put Angelas away when out of nowhere EWF's rookie monster came back with a devastating German suplex off the top rope. Angelas looked like he had this match and the title in the bag, but in the end Kobrick's ring awareness paid off when he brought the match to a screeching halt making Angelas submit to a modified arm bar.

Winner and new champion: Dan "The Man" Kobrick


Match 2: EWF Cruiserweight Championship

Joey Harder vs "SoCal Kid" Ryan Taylor

A non-dissapointing sequel to their last meeting in El Monte, California. These two had each other well scouted from beginning to end, countering every move they threw at each other. Ryan seemed to be at the top of his game this time around and had the right tools to end the impressive winning streak and title reign of Joey Harder. Harder catches Ryan off guard with a Boston Crab which looked like it could be the end, and sure enough, it was. Harder raises his hands in victory and celebrates another successful title defense until it was announced that the match went to a time limit draw. Ryan Taylor never submitted which sent Joey Harder's temper off the map. Harder applied the Boston Crab once more to a helpless Taylor which took 4 referees to stop.

Winner: Draw (Joey Harder retains the title)


Match 3: "Brawlin'" Bo Cooper & "SoCal's Finest" Justin Jackson vs "Sadistic" Ron Kilbourn & Black Metal

These were two teams who have never teamed before, so it was an interesting contest from start to finish. Another EWF newcomer Justin Jackson and EWF Veteran Bo Cooper made a unique tag team. However, they were matched up with two of the largest athletes in Southern California, Ron Kilbourn and Black Metal. Bo and Metal worked big, but quick trading arm drags back and forth which resulted in Bo getting the upper hand. Metal makes the tag to Kilbourn who wants no part of Bo and demands Justin to get in the ring. Justin is an amazing athlete and very quick which made it surprising to see a man Kilbourn's size go his pace and take control. After all the punishment Justin finally makes the tag to Bo, who wiped the floor with Black Metal so that it would finally come down to Kilbourn and Cooper. The two try to slam each other but failed. Kilbourn capitalizes with a DDT and goes after Jackson whose climbing the ropes. Bo makes it to his feet and stops Kilbourn with a hard splash in the corner followed by a devastating Bronco Buster giving Justin Jackson the golden opportunity to hit a beautiful Shooting Star Press on Kilbourn. Bo gets the 3 count on Kilbourn as Justin stops Black Metal with a big time torpedo plancha.

Winners: Bo Cooper & Justin Jackson


Match 4: Bino Gambino vs Liger Rivera

Two dominant competitors in their divisions collide in this match up. Liger used his quickness and high flying ability to get the best of the former EWF Heavyweight Champ early on. Bino regained control with a vicious power bomb that brought the audience to the edge of their seats. Liger gave everything he had to score a victory until Bino tossed Liger over the top rope and to the floor. The spill Liger took on the floor made a look of concern on every face in the arena. 3 or 4 refs came out to help Liger which made everyone think the match was over. Bino showed zero mercy and threw Liger back into the ring anyway and picked up an easy victory after delivering the Binomite.

Winner: Bino Gambino


Match 5: EWF World Championship

Syrus vs "Ghetto Superstar" Big Q

The champ is used to being the big man in his matches. This time he had to trust his speed and agility if he wanted to leave Covina with his title. The 300+ pound Big Q came all the way down from Las Vegas, Nevada to make Syrus' title reign a short one. Syrus attempted to slam Q multiple times but didn't succeed. Big Q was dominating Syrus throwing him around every corner of the ring. Syrus made a surprising comeback with a running boot to the face that sent Big Q to the mat when out of nowhere came the Iceman who began stomping away at the champ. Both Big Q and the Iceman were on a mission to injure Syrus as they took turns stomping away. From there Human Tornado ran in and made the save but by looking at the condition Syrus was in, Big Q and The Iceman achieved their goal.

Winner and still champion: Syrus by disqualification


Match 6: J. Terex, III vs Country Bear

In this huge rematch from April's Overkill, Terex and Country locked horns and didn't budge. A frustrated Terex took control of the match with a blatant cheap shot that gave him many opportunities to pummel the monstrous Country Bear. At one point Country showed his heart and determination when he kicked out of an impressive standing moonsault by the callous lawyer. Terex seemed to have this match won until Country, out of desperation, nailed a modified bear hug slam which he likes to call "The Shotgun" for the victory marking his first ever win as a wrestler.

Winner: Country


Match 7: Iceman vs Human Tornado

The crowd loves the Human Tornado. Everything he does makes the crowd stand up and cheer. Iceman was the total opposite. He was on a mission to wipe every smile off every face in that audience by humiliating Tornado with a number of stiff blows and fierce assault. Tornado gained control of the match later on and took it to Iceman full force. As the audience reached their peak of volume for Tornado, Big Q came out and distracted the ref while Iceman picked up an illegal win.

Winner: Iceman


Match 8: EWF Tag Team Championship

Los Chivos vs "Marvelous" Max Martin & "Handsome" Johnny Starr

At the behest of Johnny Starr and his attorney, J. Terex, III, commissioner Mando Guerrero made Mad MacIntosh the special guest referee for this important title match. Things didn't look good for the Chivos. This contest started off with the Chivos cleaning house. They made their experience obvious by taking Johnny Starr and Max Martin to school with fast lucha offense. Starr would take control for his team with a cheap shot that the special guest ref "didn't see". With the bogus officiating, Starr and Martin had this match in the bag until The Commissioner Mando Guererro ran out with a referee shirt on to actually call the match down the middle. The match took a confusing turn when both refs counted two separate pins. After a long argument between the refs about who won the match, the official ruling is a double disqualification.

Winners: Double DQ (Los Chivos retain their titles)


Match 9: The Great Goliath Memorial Battle Royal

Mando Guerrero came back out to show the audience and the competitors what they were fighting for. It was a gorgeous trophy that represented everything that The Great Goliath represented in professional wrestling. Every single man in that ring was driven to have the honor of earning that piece of history. Before the bell sounds, Candice LeRae came out and demanded that the commish let her compete in the battle royal. When Mando agreed a lot of people were puzzled but at the same time cheered. The bell sounded and immediately bodies were flying everywhere. This ring was filled with heart pumping chaos. It finally came down to the final 5 being Bo Cooper, Angelas, Bino Gambino, Cincinnati Red, and surprisingly, Candice LeRae. The 5 started to go at it and almost instantly, Angelas gets sent to the outside, and then out goes Bino. Candice jumped on the back of Bo Cooper, who tossed her right out. It was down to Red and Bo. the two start going at it full force. Bo thought he had the match won when he sent Red over the top rope. Red held on and sat up on the apron. Once Bo realized that he hadn't won the match, Candice LeRae slipped Red his baseball bat as Bo was charging in. Cooper came stomach first in the baseball bat and then was sent over the top rope onto the floor leaving Red victorious. Red celebrated and presented his award to Paloma, the very emotional daughter of the late great Goliath.

Winner and 1st Goliath Memorial Award Winner: Cincinnati Red

Match 10: Jason King vs "The Future" Frankie Kazarian

Former EWF superstar and known worldwide, Frankie Kazarian battles the 2005 EWF Wrestler of the Year, Jason King. This was more than a perfect way to take this event home. Both men went in at a fast pace. This exciting bout was back and forth the whole match. King got everyone's attention when he leaped off The Future's knee and caught him in a triangle choke. Frankie fought through the hold and came back with an impressive springboard DDT that sent Jason out for the count, or so we thought. The two battled it out more and more. Just when King thought he had the momentum back in his favor, Kazarian caught him with his modified downward spiral for the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian