June 27, 2008

Covina, CA

Knockdown Dragout 2

Famous For Fearless defeated La Ola Del Mal to win the EWF Tag Team Championship

Knockdown Dragout 2 started with a bang as Famous For Fearless took on La Ola Del Mal in what Frank Mott stated was their last chance at the EWF Tag Team Titles. Black Metal and Extreme Loco isolated Liger Rivera for a good portion of the match and it looked as though they would retain the titles yet again. However, Liger Rivera and TJ Perkins scored the pinfall victory and became the new EWF Tag Team Champions. After the match, La Ola Del Mal had a heated argument about whose fault losing the match was. Everything seemed okay as they shook hands until Black Metal hit Extreme Loco with a devastating Michinoku Driver. Espiritu Infernal and "Zero Gravity" Chris Kadillak came to check on him and both got chokeslams for their trouble.


Sonny Samson defeated Marcius Pitsonopolous

"The Golden Greek" Marcius Pitsonopolous came into this match with a bit of momentum after defeating Dave The Bruiser the previous week to earn his first victory in the US and looking to add another win to his resume. However, Sonny Samson was determined to not let that happen and scored the victory over Pitsonopolous.


Cruiserweight Champion Blackstar defeated Jerome "LTP" Robinson to retain his title

Blackstar, as he now prefers to be called, came to the ring extremely confident and ready to defend the EWF Cruiserweight Championship. In his way, however, was the always impressive Jerome "LTP" Robinson, who was making his return to the Knights of Columbus Hall for the first time in over a year. LTP came close on several occasions to capturing the gold and was very impressive in the match, however, after some interference by Blackstar's agent, Michael Primrose, Blackstar got the win and retained the title. After the match, "Top Shelf" Jeremy Jaeger came to the ring demanding a rematch for the Crusierweight Title, stating that since Blackstar never beat him, he was still entitled to a shot at the belt. Blackstar refused to give him another title shot and it sent Jaeger into a rage. He assaulted Blackstar with a steel chair and stole the EWF Cruiserweight Championship belt, proclaiming himself the champion. Afterwards, a group of EWF Superstars and officials came to the aid of Blackstar and got him medical attention.


Hook Bomberry defeated "Zero Gravity" Chris Kadillak

These two men had a faceoff earlier in the locker room as Kadillak attempted to poke fun at Bomberry and said he was going to get revenge for being assaulted by him a month earlier. In a very physical match, Kadillak proved that he could hold his own against some of the more seasoned veterans in the EWF as he came close to defeating Hook Bomberry. Unfortunately, after some interference by Ryan Taylor, Bomberry came away with the win.


Espiritu Infernal defeated "Top Shelf" Jeremy Jaeger

After stealing the EWF Cruiserweight Championship belt and claiming it as his own, "Top Shelf" Jeremy Jaeger was put into a match with Espiritu Infernal. These two men had arguably one of the best matches of the night and proved why they are truly the future of the EWF. 2007's Co-Rookies of the Year went back and forth but Espiritu Infernal was the man who walked out of Covina the winner.


Rockstar Cordova defeated Mikey Nicholls by disqualification

Brandon "Nitro" Gatson was originally scheduled to face Mikey Nicholls in this match, but after being beaten over the head with a steel chair three times in the last week, he was not medically cleared to compete. Rockstar Cordova agreed to accept the match and went toe to toe with Nicholls. Nicholls, who has shown a viciousness and ferocity not seen by anyone in the EWF, grew frustrated with the success Cordova was having against him and chose to deliberately get disqualified by using his recent weapon of choice, a steel chair, on his opponent.


American Champion Vizzion defeated Terex to retain his title

Terex made a promise that he would become the EWF American Champion. Unfortunately for him, Vizzion was determined to make Terex break that promise. After a back and forth match, Terex accidently hit himself on the turnbuckle post and Vizzion was able to roll him up for the three count and retain the EWF American Championship.

EWF Heavyweight Champion Scorpio Sky defeated Ryan Taylor in a Submissions Match

In this highly anticipated match, neither competitor disappointed the crowd. EWF Commissioner Frank Mott declared that both Mondo Vega AND Sonny Samson would be handcuffed to a ring post to ensure no outside interference. "The King of SoCal" Scorpio Sky and Ryan Taylor had the match of the night and the action was truly amazing. Despite the fact the Hook Bomberry uncuffed Mondo Vega and all three men assaulted Sky, he never gave up. He took everything they threw at him and when Samson was able to get his cuffs off and even the odds, Scorpio Sky proved he was the better man and retained the EWF Heavyweight Championship.