February 9, 2007

Covina, CA

Damage Control 2


Welcome, EWF fans, to the results of our latest intensifying and action-packed show. We saw the clash of the champions as Joey Harder and Hook Bomberry battled it out in a match that proved to be a very bloody battle. Also, we were able to crown a new American Champion in the Human Tornado and Dan Kobrick’s title reign of terror is now over. All this plus more took place at EWF Damage Control 2.

Match 1: NWA British Commonwealth Championship

Paul Tracy (C)vs "Sexy" Sonny Samson

This match started off in Tracy’s favor, as he was quick to take Samson to the mat. Samson, who was lucky enough to gain a second title match after losing to Ryan Taylor at our last EWF event, traveled to the outside of the ring to get away from Tracy’s control. Samson then delivered a running knee to the gut of Tracy and began to wear down the champion. The end of this match came when Samson hit a Sitout Tiger Bomb but Tracy kicked out, so Samson shot Tracy into the ropes. Tracy reversed and delivered a Superkick and then a top rope Elbow Drop for the win.

Winner: Paul Tracy

Match 2: Liger Rivera vs Kid Karnage vs "Sadistic" Ron Kilbourn

Kilbourn started showing off his size to his much smaller opponents and began to bully them. Though Karnage and Rivera tried to outsmart Kilbourn, it wasn’t enough as Kilbourn was still more than they could handle. Eventually, Karnage was able to gain the upper hand against Kilbourn though Rivera repeatedly tried to stop any attempts Karnage made to pin the big man, this resulted in Karnage and Rivera fighting against one another. The end of this match came when Kilbourn received a sunset power bomb off the middle rope from Rivera, though Karnage delivered a frog splash to Kilbourn as well and then a superkick to Rivera. However Rivera delivered the Shock and Awe to Karnage as he went for a pin on Kilbourn, and then Rivera gained the 3 count over Kilbourn. However after the match Kilbourn beat down Rivera and Karnage stopped him in the middle but then betrayed Rivera and threw him into Kilbourn who delivered his patented Dealing of the With.

Winner: Liger Rivera


Match 3: EWF Cruiserweight Championship

Ryan Taylor (C) vs Jerome "LTP" Robinson

The match started with both men getting the crowd behind them and wrestling on the mat. After Taylor got out of the ring for a quick breath, LTP attempted a suicide dive to Taylor but Taylor caught him with a quick kick. The two began to wrestle again and LTP kept to the head of Taylor, however, Taylor kept ahead of LTP until he delivered a Drop Sault and began to take control of Taylor periodically. Taylor and LTP both gained the upper hand in different parts of the match with the end coming after LTP hit a twisting Lionsault. Taylor kicked out and after a quick struggle, LTP rolled up Taylor but Taylor reversed it into a Dragon Sleeper for the win.

Winner: Ryan Taylor


Match 4: EWF American Championship

Dan "The Man" Kobrick (C) vs The Human Tornado

Kobrick began trying to be rough with his opponent but The Human Tornado started to gain control of this match by using his agile antics. Kobrick was able to take back control when Tornado rolled Kobrick into the ring and turned his back to Kobrick. Kobrick capitalized by hitting a stiff dropkick to the head of Tornado. The end came when Tornado hit a Tornado DDT out of the corner and went for a pin but Kobrick kicked out, so Tornado went to the top rope but Kobrick met him there and attempted a Superplex. Tornado stopped Kobrick from doing so and delivered a Top Rope Tornado DDT for the win, and to become the new EWF American Champion.

Winner And New Champion: The Human Tornado


Match 5: Piloto Suicida & Mercurio vs Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson & "Iceman" Webster Dauphiney

This match started when the experienced luchadores used their Lucha Libre style against their opponents and it became a very favorable skill for them until Dauphiney began to use his MMA style to take Suicida down to the mat. The finish to this match came when Mercurio and Dauphiney began to fight on the outside of the ring and Suicida went for a top rope Senton to Anderson but moved and delivered a low blow kick to Suicida while the referee was focused on the two men on the outside. The referee then noticed the pin by Anderson and made the 3 count.

Winner: Karl Anderson & Webster Dauphiney

Match 6: EWF Heavyweight Championship

Joey Harder (C) vs Hook Bomberry

Bomberry has been jealous of Joey Harder lately and this was his time to shine and show the world that he was better than Harder. The match started with the both men grappling and testing the other out. Eventually, Harder began to take over on Bomberry but Hook started to get frustrated and began to strike Harder repeatedly. This escalated into both men striking the other and using various suplexes and submissions to try to wear the other down. The end of this match came after Joey delivered a vicious diving head butt to Hook which resulted in both men being very bloody. Harder had cut his eye open on Bomberry’s tooth that he had also broken in the midst of the diving head butt. Harder then went for the Lion Tamer but Bomberry reversed it into an arm bar and as Harder got the ropes Bomberry refused to let go and the referee disqualified Bomberry.

Winner by disqualification: Joey Harder


Match 7: Strap Match

Mando Guerrero vs Johnny Paradise

As the match began, Paradise argued with the referee about the strap and how tight it was on his wrist. Mando Guerrero lost his patience and began to attack his opponent, however, Paradise was quick to react and he started to use every opportunity he could to get control over the ring veteran. Paradise began to pick apart Guerrero and they both fought each other while trying to reach the corners to be able to win the match. The end of this match came when Guerrero and Paradise were exchanging punches and J. Biggs attempted to get involved which caught the eye of Guerrero long enough for Paradise to tag his chosen corner to win the match. After the match, Mando was attacked by Charles Mercury, Paradise’s partner, and Guerrero challenged Mercury to a Barbed Wire Match on Sunday, March 4th, which he accepted.

Winner: Johnny Paradise