December 23, 2005

Covina, CA

Holiday Fear


What an exciting way to close out the year for the EWF and its superstars! This has truly been a banner year for the EWF and once again our superstars did not disappoint, offering up a truly exciting show as an early Christmas present to our loyal fans.
Match 1: Ron Kilbourn v. “The So-Cal Kid” Ryan Taylor

A classic size vs. speed match-up, as the 300+ pound Kilbourn squared off against the high-flying cruiserweight, Taylor. The cocky Taylor started off the match announcing that he would no longer be known as “The Firebird” and his new nickname would be “The So-Cal Kid”. Ron Kilbourn really didn’t care what Taylor’s new name was and dispensed with him in less than five minutes with his destructive “Dealing of the With” finisher. Taylor has made an impact in the cruiserweight division, and will continue to do so, but tonight he was no match for the size, strength and power of Ron Kilbourn.

Winner: Ron Kilbourn

Match 2: Antonio Mestre v. Darkside

“Everyone’s Favorite Brazilian”, Antonio Mestre, continues his tear through the EWF ranks with an impressive victory over the powerhouse, Darkside. A quick Pelé kick from Mestre and that spelled the end for Darkside. Will anyone stop Mestre or will he continue to impose his will on every EWF Superstar he faces?

Winner: Antonio Mestre

Match 3: Dave The Bruiser v. "Mad" Max Martin

Following a loss to "Mad" Max at November’s EWF Bloodlust, The Bruiser requested this re-match. A see-saw battle almost saw Mad Max emerge victorious again, but Dave the Bruiser had a backup plan this time. Darkside made his way to ringside and interfered at a crucial point in the match, costing "Mad" Max the victory. Post match, a savage beat-down ensued, with Dave The Bruiser and Darkside making their case as a force to be reckoned with in the tag-team division.

Winner: Dave The Bruiser

Match 4: “Canadian Goddess” Candice LeRae v. Carla Jade

It’s been a long time since the Covina crowd witnessed a ladies’ match, and this one didn’t disappoint. Candice appeared to be in the Christmas Spirit, bringing a present for her opponent with her to the ring. We would later learn that Candice was more Scrooge than Santa on this night. Newcomer Carla Jade made an early impact on Candice LeRae, scoring several near pin-falls. However, a distraction to the ref and a hard shot with the Christmas present to the face of Jade secured a victory for LeRae. After the match, the Goddess opened Carla’s present – to reveal a brick inside! The Goddess proved once again that she is the dominant diva in the EWF.

Winner: Candice LeRae

Match 5: Jason King v. Human Tornado

What a spectacle! Before the match, Jason King stated that he wasn’t worried about The Human Tornado. He was focused on his rematch for the EWF World Title against Bino Gambino on January 13. Underestimating his opponent would prove costly, as the highflying Tornado took King to the limit, most notably when he launched himself over the ref, over the ring post, and used his body to drive Jason King into the concrete floor. King would gain the upper hand however, lowering his kneepad and hitting Tornado square in the jaw with his signature finisher, the “Wizard of Awe.” It is next to impossible to recover from this devastating maneuver. Next up for King: the 2 out of 3 falls, “Choose Your Own Adventure” match against Bino Gambino for the EWF World Title.

Winner: Jason King

Match 6: Triple-Threat EWF Cruiserweight Championship Match

Joey Harder (c) v. Rocky Romero v. T.J. Perkins

Joey had his work cut out for him as he faced off against two elite wrestlers, not just in the cruiserweight scene, but in the entire independent professional wrestling circuit. In a strange turn of events, Harder and Romero actually worked as a team to eliminate the explosive Perkins from the match up. Vicious Irish Whips into the corner, compounded by double boots to the chest, and a toss from the ring to the concrete floor were enough to debilitate Perkins and keep him from asserting himself during the match. The impromptu partnership quickly dissolved when Romero tried to pin Perkins for the victory. An enraged Harder quickly turned on Romero with a fury of chops to the chest. With Perkins dazed on the outside, Harder dodged a superkick from Romero and cinched in his Harder Driver, securing the victory and retaining his Cruiserweight Title.

Winner and still EWF Cruiserweight Champion: Joey Harder

Match 7: EWF American Championship Match

(Part 1): “Handsome” Johnny Starr v. Syrus (c)

Before the match, Johnny Starr played host of his interview segment, “In the Spotlight.” His guest was the incorrigible Mad Macintosh, dressed as none other than jolly old Saint Nick. After handing out some dubious “Christmas presents” to the live crowd, the fun-loving Macintosh blasted Starr in the foot and groin area with an air gun. Mind you, it was JUST AIR shooting from the child’s toy. When it was time for his match-up with Syrus, Starr claimed he was too injured to wrestle, and called for his attorney, J. Terex III. His attorney had the contract for the match in hand, and noted a clause that stated Starr had the option to choose someone to wrestle in his place, in the unfortunate event of an injury. Starr quickly called for Vizzion, whose contract Starr owns.

Match 7: EWF American Championship Match

(Part 2) Vizzion v. Syrus (c)

Vizzion arrived on the scene, with his signature mullet tied in a pony tail. His trademark red and white shorts were nowhere to be found, replaced by a pair of solid black long tights. Just three months prior, Jesse Hernandez sold Vizzion’s contract to Johnny Starr, a transaction Vizzion did not ask for, nor appreciate. Starr took it upon himself to remold Vizzion into his image, forcing him to make changes to his ring attire and his beloved mullet. Vizzion was none too happy with Starr or his attorney, J. Terex III, who would often treat him like a “lap dog” and force him to wrestle opponents on a moment’s notice. Vizzion took every opportunity to verbally blast Starr for his actions, but being a man of his word, he would honor his contractual obligations to Starr. Tonight was no exception. Although Vizzion and Syrus have a notable history, Vizzion did not want to wrestle an opponent he had not prepared for. The match began, with Syrus dominating during the early stages. His sheer power and force were proving to be more than Vizzion could handle. To make matters worse, Starr tried to interfere on Vizzion’s behalf by grabbing Syrus’ ankles when he bounced off the turnbuckle. But, because Syrus reversed the whip into the ropes at the last second, Starr grabbed Vizzion’s ankle instead, tripping him and giving Syrus an even bigger advantage in the match up. Syrus even hit his finisher, the “Final Fall,” and appeared to have Vizzion defeated. At the last second, J. Terex III pulled referee Mando Vega from the ring before he could complete the three-count, and leveled him with his briefcase on the concrete floor. Starr then brought a steel chair into the ring and attempted to hit Syrus, but Syrus countered with a big boot to the face. Terex entered the ring and attempted to attack Syrus, but the powerful superstar grabbed Terex and executed his second Final Fall of the evening. With a dazed Starr still in the ring, Syrus grabbed the steel chair and was going to give Starr a taste of his own medicine. By this time, Vizzion had regained his composure. He arose and quickly stopped Syrus from hitting Starr with the chair. He demanded that Syrus give him the chair, so he could clobber Starr himself! It appeared that the months of humiliation had taken its toll, and he was going to get a small bit of revenge on the handsome one. Syrus and Vizzion’s fans cheered on in approval. Then, in a shocking turn of events, Vizzion speared the edge of the chair into the Syrus’ abdomen! Syrus was immobilized as Vizzion went for the cover and Starr called for a new referee. It was just a matter of a simple 1-2-3, as we crowned a new EWF American Champion. Vizzion was not done. He continued to beat Syrus, hitting him repeatedly with a steel chair, mocking him, and shoving the newly-won title in his face. Vizzion and Starr embraced, with their hands raised in victory.

Winner and New EWF American Champion: Vizzion

Match 8: EWF Tag-Team Championship

Titles versus Masks Match

Dan “The Man” Kobrick and Guerrero Negro (c) v. Los Chivos

Kobrick had been chasing the Chivos and their titles for months with various partners. After cutting ties with his former partner, Kobrick traveled to Mexico and found a “real luchador,” Guerrero Negro, who he claimed was stronger, faster, and just plain better than Los Chivos. Kobrick appeared to be right, as he and his new partner claimed the Tag-Team Titles at EWF Bloodlust in November. Exercising the rematch clause in their contract, Los Chivos demanded that it be tonight. After months of lengthy feuding, Los Chivos wanted to end the rivalry once and for all. Kobrick and Guerrero would wager their newly-won titles, and Los Chivos would wager their Luchador Masks. For a Mexican Luchador, their mask is the symbol of their identity, and losing it is the ultimate humiliation. The match swayed back and forth, getting out of hand at some points. Action spilled to the outside of the ring, where both Kayam and Enigma de Oro of the Chivos were busted wide open. With blood gushing from the heads of Los Chivos, Negro and Kobrick appeared to have the match in hand. Not to be outdone, Enigma de Oro reversed a pin fall from Kobrick, and locked in a Boston Crab. Kobrick had no choice but to tap out, leaving the Chivos with their dignity in tact, and the tag-team titles in tow.

Winner and New EWF Tag Team Champions: Los Chivos.