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Americans for UNESCO Homepage


UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

Americans for UNESCO (AU) is dedicated to preserving and invigorating global cooperation in education, science, and culture as remedies to the brutalities and tragedies of war, poverty, injustice and ignorance.


In our view, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, with its filigree of accommodating agreements and collaborative programs, is one of the most positive civil expressions of optimism in our world, a welcome contrast to the dreary events of the last century.


The palette of UNESCO contains the diverse cultures of humanity, a reflection of humankind's manifold wisdom and creative genius. Through education and culture, the future is defined by passing on to succeeding generations the glories of the past. Through science, relief from the tyranny of ignorance, disease and poverty is offered and the collective passion of a global fellowship of minds is channeled. Through communication and information, the free flow of ideas is fostered and the digital divide is bridged.


For news and UNESCO highlights, visit our blogs:

UNESCO and Governance of the New International College: Twenty percent of scientific publications now involve international collaborationm and the United States is increasingly acquiring scientific information from abroad. How does UNESCO serve U.S. interests in the organization and promotion of the international scientific enterprise? Click here to read more.


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