[Club DSM] To-Watch-Fors
Club DSM To-Watch-Fors

  • Transfer Case Recall - SAFETY ISSUE! - 1990-1998 AWD only. There is nothing wrong with the transfer case - there *is* something wrong with the brass plug in the center of the transfer case yoke. This plug can leak. This can lead to eventual failure and complete drivetrain lockup at highway speeds! It is important that you read this information to get the recall done on your car. There is also information about how you can fix this problem yourself should your dealer jerk you around.

  • ECU Capacitor Leaks - IMPORTANT! Search - If you hear clicking from the center console, this is most likely your problem. The ECUs from older cars, especially the first generation 1990-1994 which all have the same ECU design, are prone to having their capacitors leaking. This will eventually destroy the ECU.

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