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  • Balance Shaft Removal for Free - 1990-1994 (probably 1995+) Search - Michael Hamilton shows you how to remove the balance shafts without needing to buy a kit. With pictures.

  • Combustion Chamber Cleaning - All Models Search - Ed Spicer tried just about everything suggested in the FAQs, but could not shake the problem of poor performance. Cleaning the combustion chamber proved to be the solution. Also includes a good list of things to check during basic maintenence.

    Here are some Talon Digest articles that address the topic.

  • Crankwalk Theory - 1995-1999 turbo - Our friends at Magnus Motorsports have come up with an interesting crankwalk theory. Nice cut-a-way views of the engine block (literally).

  • Design Modifications to the Mitsubishi 4G63 Engine - Tim Hoffman describes the factory upgrades done to the 4G63 engine (2.0l turbo) in 1993.

  • Head Swap - 1995+ turbo, pictures - Phillip Thomas took pictures when he swapped the head off his 2G for one from a 1G.

  • Power Steering High RPM Cutout - All Models Search - Ever been taking a corner really hard at high RPM and had the power steering cutout on you? This problem plagues DSM autocrossers every weekend. The problem is that the pump is not road speed sensitive, but engine speed sensitive.

  • Timing Belt Replacement - 1990-1994 Turbo, 1995+ 2.0 - All of the belts must be changed when changing the timing belt, so you can use these links as guides for other belts as well.

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