[Club DSM] Drivetrain
Club DSM Drivetrain

  • Center Differential Repair - 1990-1994 (probably works for 1995-1999), AWD, VFAQ Search - If you get squeamish at the sight of broken spider gears, this site is not for you! Spencer Hutchings guides you through the repair process and describes several upgrade replacement options.

  • Clutch - Replacing and adjusting the clutch, the throwout bearing, and changing the clutch-line hydraulic fluid.

  • Equal-Length Halfshaft Install - 1990-1994 FWD 2.0l - Tired of torque steer tearing the wheel from your hands when you accelerate? Michael Breslin shows you how equal-length halfshafts will help you put power to the ground properly.

  • Introduction to All Wheel Drive systems - An excellent primer on AWD by Eliot Lim.

  • Power Steering High RPM Cutout - All Models Search - Ever been taking a corner really hard at high RPM and had the power steering cutout on you? This problem plagues DSM autocrossers every weekend. The problem is that the pump is not road speed sensitive, but engine speed sensitive.

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