[Club DSM] Technical Difficulties
Club DSM Technical Difficulties
Diagnosing a Blink, Drip, Crunch, or Whoosh.

  • Crankwalk Theory - 1995-1999 turbo - Our friends at Magnus Motorsports have come up with an interesting crankwalk theory. Nice cut-a-way views of the engine block (literally).

  • Exhaust Smoke Diagnosis - Your exhaust should normally be invisible, once the car is warmed up. Dave Gawloski put together this nifty guide to diagnosing different smoke colors in your DSM's exhaust.

  • Hot Start Fix - Are you having problems starting your car after a good hard drive? Jim McKenna has some items for you to check.

  • Low Clutch - If your clutch is engaging right off the floor, it might be that the clutch lever that goes from the pedal to the hydraulics is bad.

  • Pop-up problems - 1990-1991 - How to fix stuck popup lights.

  • Power Lock Repair - 1995-1999, VFAQ - Charles O'Connell saves you up to $300 by showing you how to repair this rather expensive item all by yourself.

  • Power Steering High RPM Cutout - All Models Search - Ever been taking a corner really hard at high RPM and had the power steering cutout on you? This problem plagues DSM autocrossers every weekend. The problem is that the pump is not road speed sensitive, but engine speed sensitive.

  • Rearend Thumping - If your hear a thumping noise from the rearend of your car when launching, this page might help you fix the problem.

  • Terry's Talon Troubleshooting Tips - Terry "Terbo" Wells discusses how to dignose and fix four problems he found on his 1991 Tsi AWD: flaky seatbelt, dead cruise control, idle-surge / fast-idle, and flaky factory alarm arming.

  • Window Track - Is your power window having trouble going up or down?

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