Son of presidential candidate pleads guilty for gun in airport

by The Associated Press and KY3 News

Son of presidential candidate pleads guilty for gun in airport

By Gene Hartley

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- David Huckabee, a son of presidential Republican candidate Mike Huckabee, was arrested at Little Rock's airport on Thursday after an X-ray technician found a loaded Glock pistol in his carry-on luggage. David Huckabee, who had a concealed weapons permit, was charged with having a weapon in a prohibited place. He later pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge in Little Rock District Court and was released from jail.

District Judge Lee Munson sentenced him to a one-year suspended jail sentence and ordered him to 10 days of community service, which he can avoid by paying $100. His fines and court costs totaled $855. He also will be on probation for a year.

State police spokesman Bill Sadler said David Huckabee's concealed-gun permit also would be suspended but that Huckabee could seek a hearing on the issue.

Police say David Huckabee said he forgot he had the weapon inside his luggage. Little Rock Police Lt. Terry Hastings said it is not unusual for people to forget they have a gun in their carry-on luggage.

Police say the .40-caliber Glock had eight live rounds in the clip but no bullet in the chamber. The pistol and ammunition were handed over to the Little Rock police.

Mike Huckabee is a former governor of Arkansas. Last week, Mike Huckabee said Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho perhaps could have been stopped if a teacher or student had also been armed.

David Huckabee didn’t returned reporters’ telephone messages on Thursday seeking comment. Mike Huckabee issued a statement through his campaign committee.

"I love my son but what he did was irresponsible, but not intentional. The right to carry a firearm has to be balanced with an equal responsibility to not make foolish errors like forgetting about it being in one's briefcase. He was treated courteously and professionally but received no special treatment and he shouldn't have,” the governor said in the prepared statement.

"David has to accept full responsibility and the consequences of his actions as any other adult -- and he is doing that. I make no excuses for him and would expect him to accept whatever penalties are given. It is the court's responsibility to properly consequence him for a foolish act but his family's responsibility to love him and temper our disappointment with our support.”

Authorities did not know where David Huckabee was heading as he was trying to board a plane. A Transportation Security Administration worker summoned police after seeing the image of a gun on the X-ray machine. Officials said David Huckabee was cooperative and other passengers were not endangered by the incident.

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