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50 YEARS OF BRITISH GRAND PRIX DRIVERS [Peter Scherer] It is now 50 years since the Formula 1 World Championship was created. This book celebrates the involvement of British drivers during those five decades of racing. It is a unique work in that it provides a detailed record of the achievements of every British driver ever to start a Grand Prix. In all, 137 British drivers have started Grand Prix and this book records every one of them. From the world famous names like Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart and Damon Hill, to the less well-known racers of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, this is a unique and definitive record. A driver summary, detailed career record and Grand Prix statistics are included for each of the 137 drivers. Illustrated by many rare photos covering most of the drivers, the book is a wonderful record of a period of British involvement in Grand Prix racing that started with drivers like Reg Parnell and Bob Gerard and ended with Damon Hill, Eddie Irvine and David Coulthard. { 240pp, 215x305mm, January 2000; HB, £14.95, 0953005283:9780953005284 , TFM Publishing }
CATCHPOLE & THE 'F' WORDS : F1, F2, F3, F3000, Fford, etc [Barry Foley] For nearly 25 years, the Catchpole cartoon was a hugely popular feature in Autosport magazine. Every week, Catchpole and his friends passed comment on events in motor sport through the skill and humour of artist Barry Foley. Now, Catchpole is back, with the publication of this collection of nearly 400 cartoons as printed in Autosport between 1970 and 1994. This is a unique title, capturing the humour and wisdom of the sport and re-visiting a host of characters including Demon Tweak (the ever-scruffy mechanic), the glamorous Booby Galore, accident-prone Mad Log Malone and veteran German racer Von Turnips. { 216pp, 270x200mm, February 2001; PB, £9.95, 1903378044:9781903378045 , TFM Publishing }
HOW TO START MOTOR RACING : 2001 Edition [Paul Lawrence, in conjunction with the Association of Racing Drivers' Schools] The complete guide to getting started in motor racing, from going to a racing school to buying a car and learning race-craft. This book Is full of useful information and practical advice, written by experts and ideal for anyone considering making a start in one of the world's most exciting sports. More importantly, this book also shows how you can get into motor racing on a very limited budget. { 180pp, 150x210mm, December 2000; PB, £12.00, 1903378036:9781903378038 , TFM Publishing }
LAW OF INTERNET & MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS : The US & EU Contrasted [Andrew P Sparrow] The internet and the equipment through which it is delivered has revolutionised the way business offers its services and consumers access information. The constantly evolving technology will continue to become mobile both in terms of the apparatus used to get online, such as mobile phones, and also the wireless capability which will become widespread. Commercial use of the technology presents huge legal issues and has led to the introduction of significant new laws to govern online trade. However, the approach taken by the EU in regulating the internet differs markedly from that of the United States. Given the degree of trade between the two continents and in particular between the USA and the UK, it is vital that businesses on both sides of the Atlantic understand the diverse legal regimes, whether they operate in European or North American markets. This book provides an overview of the English law treatment of the internet, which is heavily influenced by the EU, and contrasts it where appropriate to American legal governance. The book examines issues including online contractual formation, privacy law across geographical borders, electronic signatures, online marketing and consumer sales over the internet. The book is essential reading for businesses in both lands. { 160pp, 150x210mm, April 2004; PB, £30.00, 1903378184:9781903378182 , TFM Publishing }
LONE FURROW : The Story of Arthur Mallock & His U2 Racing Cars [Paul Lawrence] Recounts the remarkable story of Arthur Mallock, an army major who designed, built and constructed his own racing cars. Starting from a shed in his garden, Mallock created a dynasty of sports-racing cars of which more than 300 now exist. Mallock was regarded as one of the great pioneers of post-war motor racing in Britain. { 150x215mm, June 2002; HB, £19.50, 0953005208:9780953005208 , TFM Publishing }
NOWHERE TO HIDE : The Story of Royale Racing Cars [Paul Lawrence] From its foundation in 1968 through to its ultimate demise in the mid-1980s, Royale Racing was one of the world's most prolific manufacturers of racing cars. From Formula Ford right up to Formula 2 as well as sports-racing cars, Royale was at the forefront of the sport for nearly 30 years. This book is the story of the rise and eventual fall of the company and the drivers who raced its cars on their way to the top of the sport. But it is also the story of determined men coping with the enormous highs and lows of a sport in which very few race car manufacturers survive for more than a few years. Royale was there for close to 30 years and this book recalls the tenacity of the men involved. { 192pp, 205x265mm, October 2000; HB, £20.00, 0953005291:9780953005291 , TFM Publishing }
THRUXTON -- THE FIRST 30 YEARS : Motor Racing at One of Britain's Fastest Circuits, 1968-1997 [Paul Lawrence] The history of motor racing at one of Britain's fastest circuits from 1968 to 1997. Illustrated with 130 rare photographs, this book tells the story of one of Britain's fastest and most demanding race tracks. It includes anecdotes from many leading drivers and a full results history. { 144pp, 210x295mm, December 1988; PB, £12.00, 0953005224:9780953005222 , TFM Publishing }
UNFULFILLED DREAM : The Story of Motor Racing at Aintree [Tony Bagnall; Foreword by Roy Salvadori] For eleven years, the world's leading drivers contested international races at the Aintree circuit on the outskirts of Liverpool. Fangio, Surtees, Clark, Moss, Hawthorn and many more were on the grid. The British Grand Prix was held there five times, along with many other major events at the venue that shared its ground with the famous horse-racing track. But in April 1964, the final Aintree 200 was run and the sights and sounds of Grand Prix cars were never to be experienced at Aintree again. Club and national level racing continued until July 1982, when it ceased altogether and there appears to be little likelihood of it ever returning. So what is the story behind the dramatic rise and fall of Aintree as a premier motor sport venue in Britain? How and why did motor racing come to be staged there? What caused its eventual demise as a circuit? This book explores the fascinating history of Aintree, before, during and after its all-too-brief reign as Britain's Grand Prix venue. Supported by around 200 rare photographs, many never before published, this book fills a significant gap in the history of post-war racing in Britain. REVIEW: "Well researched...With revival of interest in Aintree, the book comes as a welcome addition to the list of circuit histories" -- Historic Motor Racing News, April 2005. { 197pp, 210x265mm, July 2003; HB, £20.00, 1903378176:9781903378175 , TFM Publishing }
WHIZZO : The Motor Sporting Life of Barrie Williams [Paul Lawrence] For 50 years, Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams has been thrilling motor racing crowds with his outstanding talent on the circuit and great sense of humour off the track. He has raced and rallied with great success, starting in 1957. He has had a life full of adventure, excitement, success and a few bumps. This is his story. When discussing the title for this book, he said: 'Should we call it 'Whizzo' the first 50 years?' Still racing with as much speed and determination as ever, he is currently president of the British Motorsport Marshals' Club. "I've raced every year, I've never stopped racing," said Barrie. "I don't know what I'd do without racing. I don't know what else to do. It's my way of life. I'll drive anything with four wheels. I race to win, but if I don't it's not the end of the world. With a bit of luck, there's always another race." This book, which includes 200 photos -- many never published before -- attempts to capture the successes, the failures, the adventures, the people, the places and the laughs that have made for a remarkable five decades. { 182pp, 210x260mm, March 2008; HB, £20.00, 1903378621:9781903378625 , TFM Publishing Ltd }