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My name is Queerleo

michaelcheeky wrote 3 minutes ago: Group shot of some of the Knights helping Braelyan, who took this shot, (thank you so much!!!) … more →

Tags: Computer, Computer Gaming, Cops, Gay, GLB, GLBT, Law, law enforcement, michael dodge

(Third) Party Time

garybaumgarten wrote 4 minutes ago: Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin was a no-show for his scheduled interview to … more →

Tags: News Talk Online, PalTalk, Political Front, Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party, Democratic Party, election, Republican Party, Third Party Candidate

One-fourth of wild mammals face extinction

Ari wrote 5 minutes ago: This startling piece is from today’s LA Times. Get informed and start speaking for those who h … more →

Tags: Endangered Species

Palin not welcome at Madonna's show and Brigitte Bardot slams Palin as a 'disgrace to women'

Cantankerous Old White Guy wrote 6 minutes ago: Who cares that Madonna does not want Palin at her concerts.  This woman in her day was a hot little … more →

Tags: American Politics, Barack Obama, Culture, Democrats, Elections, Global Warming, global warming hoax, guilty white liberals, John McCain

Site Updates!

Club wrote 14 minutes ago: Staff just posted this news update: Spirits now cost progressively more to bring back from a Totem. … more →

The Big Question

Mike Licht wrote 21 minutes ago: Tonight’s so-called “Presidential Debate” is just another bad TV reality show, se … more →

Tags: George W. Bush, John McCain, McCain, media, palin, Presidential Politics, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Television

In-N-Out Turns 60 & Hooks It Up

eightysbaby wrote 24 minutes ago: For those of you not on the West Coast, it sucks to be you. You may have never had the pleasure of … more →

Tags: Misc, Good Food, In 'N Out, West Coast

Barack Obama Political Ally ACORN in Trouble - Again1 comment

thescoundrel wrote 25 minutes ago: ACORN the political action group closely tied to Barack Obama is being investigated again. The recor … more →

Tags: Culture, Current Events, Government, Illinois, Politics, scalawags, scoundrels, Where's the Beef?, 2008 Elections

Lake Tahoe

thestorylady wrote 25 minutes ago: More to come. … more →

Tags: Adventures

Good lord, that's some bad hair!

plumandcircumstance wrote 25 minutes ago: Every once in a while I get hung up on one completely ridiculous topic and spend days going from sit … more →

Tags: Fashion, observations, Evangelism, Christian, tbn, jan crouch, mr. t, Brad Stine, GodMen

I bet they wish McCain hadn't let her loose!1 comment

Ann's New Friend wrote 26 minutes ago: Can you remember when the Democrats were complaining about the way that McCain’s campaign was … more →

Tags: Events, Family, Life, media, Politics, duct tape, hecklers, Michelle Obama, protestor

BANNED SNL Skit on Economy Crisis - George Soros

Lipstick Piggy wrote 28 minutes ago: Watch this banned video while you can… right now we cannot embed this video as this is being f … more →

Tags: Politics, Humor, Television, Economic Crisis, SNL, Economy, George Soros

Episode Two: Norway

carlalterry wrote 29 minutes ago: Having survived the Guyanan Jungle in Episode One, the ‘Unbreakables’ next stop is Norwa … more →

Tags: Arctic, Benedict Allen, Carla Terry, Norway, Unbreakable, Unbreakables, Winter Warfare

(Plastic = Small Penis) + (Debt = Financial Crisis) = DOOM has a new album so soon! and doesn't Department of Eagles sound like Grizzly Bear ate Brian Wilson!?

lacinta wrote 29 minutes ago: A lot is happening and I’m all riled up.  Ingredients in plastic linked to small penis size ( … more →

Tags: besnewmusic, brianwilson, Comedy, departmentofeagles, DOOM, Entertainment, grizzlybear, Humor, humour

New Photo's from the back yard

meeshisense wrote 30 minutes ago: Still stuck on this island, but making the best of it. I ventured into the back yard again today th … more →

Tags: Photography, canon rebel xti, forest, Nature, Green, Red, outdoors, Doll, woods

suze orman on the mortgage crisis.

tjsthings wrote 39 minutes ago: I refuse to believe that it started with [regular people]. It was the banks and their greed and thei … more →

Tags: Something to think about

OAS Dog Now Works for Fish and Game Department!

oaklandanimalservices wrote 41 minutes ago:   This weekend a US Fish and Game Department employee came to visit the Shelter with her dog … more →

hey baby, i wanna know if you'll be my girl

Mandie wrote 44 minutes ago: Tschüß Oktoberfest! This is horrifying/awesome/hilarious.  I could watch this video clip for a l … more →

Tags: News You Can't Use, bacon, eMail, Google, Japan, Monkeys

Give Me Five Minutes and I'll Show You the Biggest LED Screen Ever

Omar Upegui R. wrote 44 minutes ago: Artist illustration of a 36 story building displaying the largest LED screen ever built. (Credit: … more →

Tags: Architecture, Dubai, middle east, the podium

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