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I first encountered Sarah Blake's gorgeous face on her One Model Place modeling profile when I lived in Los Angeles. I immediately put her on the top of my "would love to work with" list, but moved to New Orleans shortly after that. Since then, I've seen Blake in a dozen or so adult movies, always bewitched by her sprightly enthusiasm and smoldering sensuality, not to mention being floored each time -- it almost goes without saying -- by her breathtaking beauty. She's the most beautiful woman who's walked the face of the earth, or maybe she just happens to be my type -- is there ever really that much of a difference?

Either way, imagine my pleasure when she also turned out to be an amiable and impossibly likeable person, responding to my request for an interview with a perky professionalism that had us chatting on the phone a few hours later. We talked about her career, her work, her swiftly growing web empire, and her recent move to Las Vegas.

Eros Zine: I was hoping to meet you at AVN last year, but I didn't see you on the vendor list; I understand you had to skip it?

Sarah Blake: I wasn't at AVN last year; I was in the process of moving to Las Vegas, so I unfortunately couldn't go. But I did get successfully moved to Vegas, which is great!

Eros Zine: You were moving from Los Angeles?

Sarah Blake: Yes.

Eros Zine: What took you to Las Vegas?

Sarah Blake: I really like Las Vegas; there's always something to do there, and I can get a much bigger house for myself and my handicapped mother. We had a really great life there, but the bills wouldn't be as high either, so then I could spend more time dedicated to her than actually working. Living in LA the real estate is about twice as much as it is in Vegas.

Eros Zine: That was a year ago that you moved, and this year Sarah Blake Inc. is listed on the AVN vendor list -- is that a new thing?

Sarah Blake: I already had, and I decided this year that I needed to specialize that website and break it apart, because I was trying to satisfy way too many markets. I'm so versatile; there was foot fetish, and bondage, and the young girl stuff and the glamour� very different aspects of the industry. If you're a fan, unless you like everything, you'd have to wait and only get the content you would enjoy once a month. So I decided I would make more money and it makes more sense to break the site apart and have, like, Sarah Blake's Feet, Sarah Blake's Bondage, Sarah Blake's store -- that way it makes more sense for the viewers.

Eros Zine: You've done an awful lot of work in the industry, including at When you got in the industry, were you interested in doing BDSM and other fetish stuff?

Sarah Blake: When I got into the industry I planned to only be in it for thirty days. My plan was to go to LA, have a wild adventure, and come back home and go to college. When I went to LA, everything was fantastic and I ended up staying and moving out there.

I like to dabble in a lot of different areas of the industry because it's fun, it keeps things fresh & exciting, so I'm not doing the same thing over and over again every day; I don't want things to get tedious because in that industry then you get jaded, and that's not good.

Eros Zine: Doing something like -- you were on; I'm curious whether... not that it would be "easier," but obviously that's not going to be one of the sites like Hogtied where there's a lot of BDSM.

Sarah Blake: No, it's just sex with machines [laughs].

Eros Zine: So is going on set for a site like that less of a wild card, not having other actors in the mix?

Sarah Blake: I enjoy it more. Things I enjoy are more fetish oriented. I like the glamour stuff for, like, the magazines -- glamour is still one of my favorite things to do. But with fetish, you can be extremely creative, and everything is different every time. There's always something new and fun. Or relaxing and fun, even though it doesn't look relaxing [laughs]. It's very exciting to me. There's so much -- "Oh, we can hogtie you this way instead of the other way" -- it's all challenging. And it's all very non-formulaic; that's what I really like. I don't like formula; that's what gets you bored. [laughs]

Eros Zine: Are you doing your own content for And also are you including fetish content?

Sarah Blake: Yes. There's fetish content on my site right now; starting next year I'm going to be opening Sarah Blake Bondage, and that will be all BDSM content. That'll be more specialized, and then I won't be having any more of that content on -- that'll be more like glamour and amateur. That's what that site was originally, and the more things I got into, the more I produced content; you can't really take a mainstream porn fan, throw fetish at them and then not expect them to go "What the hell was that?" So a lot of it is not something that everybody's into; I just had to break the thing apart.

Eros Zine: Are there any other sites that you might do?

Sarah Blake: I'm doing a redesign of that's going to launch before AVN; Sarah Blake's Feet, Sarah Blake's Bondage, and a store that has customized content -- say you really like my feet; you say "I'd really like a customized video where you're talking to me and playing with your feet." OK, great, I can do that, and that's something that's offered in that store. I'm looking at opening something new once every three months. I'm also writing an informational ebook, and pamphlets for girls in the industry about how to diversify their industry.

Eros Zine: So if I like your feet, I could get a personalized video of you playing with your feet and saying "Oh yeah, Johnny here are my feet?"

Sarah Blake: Yes! It's a personalized video just for that person. I had those before, they did really well; I had some issues with my mom's heath, so I had to pull back. They do get kind of all consuming when you're a business owner; any kind of business. It was pretty much an 18-hour-a-day job; I had to pull back and take care of family and now I'm offering those again.

Eros Zine: Are you going to be working for other LA companies, doing DVD shoots?

Sarah Blake: There are certain companies I would definitely work for any time they ask me to. Suze Randall, I would definitely shoot for her and Holly; Belladonna, I would always work for her. But there are certain people where� it's just not worth the whole day on set when I could be doing multiple income strings on some other project I've got and be home with my family.

Eros Zine: Do you hear from fans who say "You are such an innocent cute young girl, why are you doing this dirty disgusting fetish stuff?"

Sarah Blake: I get that a lot -- Those are very interesting people for me to talk to. I actually kind of of enjoy it in a way. A lot of them think I'm 18. I'm 27. When I got in the industry I was 23 -- I was not one of those wet behind the ears, afraid, blah blah blah. I didn't have anybody pushing me; I went willingly. It's important to realize, I'm a sexually free person -- no one's making me do anything! I can do those things� I've been to college, I could go back, it'd be fine. I just choose the adult industry because it's just so darn fun.

Eros Zine: You must have made a certain amount of money too.

Sarah Blake: Yes, I've been very successful -- but I'ts also enjoyable, and there's not many people in the world who can say that!

Eros Zine: Is it a challenge in your personal life? Are there people in your life who disapprove? Is it hard to date or have relationships because of your work in the industry?

Sarah Blake: Not really -- once someone gets to know me, they realize I'm not crazy, I'm not going to hump their boyfriend's leg or whatever. [laughs] There's almost a stereotype -- if a girl and a guy couple meet this other person, the girl is automatically a threat, but if she's in the adult industry she's way more of a threat. I guess people think we're aliens or something. [laughs] That we can't have relationships and a normal life. My family's actually very very supportive of what I do. My little town that I grew up in -- they all know.

Eros Zine: Indiana, right? That's where Bree Olson is from too.

Sarah Blake: Really? That's cool.

Eros Zine: Two Indiana porn stars in one month. Anyway� the thing that happens with girls who get into the industry, very often, is that they'll get into the industry and love it, do 200 or 300 scenes in a couple of years, and get into a relationship with someone who's not cool with that, and then do only girl-girl, or stop working altogether.

Sarah Blake: I've seen that too; I've seen a lot of girls do that. It's a pattern. They're this amazing performer and then they get hooked up with someone and they fall in love, and that person decides they want to change them. I'm not willing to do that.

I don't date right now -- I'm really too busy to do that; I have a lot of responsibility with my Mom and everything. That's not something I'm interested in at this point. It would take a lot of time and effort to find someone who would be very accepting, but then the right way being accepting -- not just thinking "Well! She's going to bring people home for me to have sex with!" [laughs]

Right now relationships are kind of on the back burner -- I'm more interested in building content, opening new facets of my business and things.

Eros Zine: Who are you working with to produce the content for your sites? Do you have a team you use?

Sarah Blake: I've been searching out for the right photographers -- I don't just want to go with one person. In Las Vegas it's really hard to find people. I do a lot of my own content; I have a tripod and I have an automatic shutter system, and a lot of the amateur stuff I shoot myself. Which can be kind of fun.

Eros Zine: What's that like, trying to focus on a good performance while you're also working the camera?

Sarah Blake: It's kind of interesting� it usually takes about twice as long as it would if you had a person in front of you. You just kind have to say, "That's pretty light, that looks good, everything's good�" and then you just have to play with it. I take probably twice as many pictures as I really need, but in doing that I get a full photo set, or a large photo set. A lot of times I will just kind of jump back and forth between looking at the camera, seeing what kind of shot I'm getting versus doing the actual posing and performance part. It's kind of difficult -- you have to think of two things at once.

Eros Zine: For the site, are you going to be working with other people as well?

Sarah Blake: Yes. Men and women both. I'm not really holding off, exactly, just waiting for the right time to start building a mass amount of content -- probably after the first of the year. I have a condo in LA, so I'll probably be there one week out of every month and that's what I'll do -- shooting a lot of content. There are more photographers and more people there in the industry than in Vegas.

Eros Zine: Why do you think it's hard to find reliable photographers in Vegas?

Sarah Blake: They just don't have the experience with adult, as much. There are just not that many; the few who are there, they're the old time magazine photographers�. with web content, I need to do one photo set an hour. I'm pretty fast; I've been doing this for an hour; I can get a solo video and a photo set in one hour. So I think they should be able to do that, and a lot of people try to take a lot more time than they need to.

Eros Zine: They're probably not used to models who can do it in an hour -- for most models, it's like "Did we say three o'clock? I thought we said eleven."

Sarah Blake: [laughs] A lot of models are like "I'm going to be in the bathroom, I need food, I'm going to go smoke a cigarette." I'm just like "Let's go, I'm ready."

Eros Zine: You mentioned your mom is disabled and you take care of her; what should people know about taking care of a disabled family member?

Sarah Blake: Be very patient with them; she also has light Alzheimer's, so I'm dealing with a lot of challenges; I've had a lot of people tell me they think I'm wasting my youth taking care of her that I should put her in a home. They usually get the finger when they tell me that. I'm like "fuck off!" My Mom raised three kids on her own, and now she needs help, so I'm there.

Eros Zine: You mentioned the ebooks you're writing; what are those about?

Sarah Blake: It's for people in the industry who want to diversify and make a plan so they don't have to be actually physically performing for a number of years; they can make a plan to retire from the business and use the business as a steppingstone instead of a career. Because a lot of times, people can't handle this business. It does take a toll on you mentally if you're not healthy about it. Then there's habits they get into� but mostly it's about living within your means and planning for the future and shelf life, because many girls are not in this industry past a year. They have to know that there's other ways they can maximize their income when they're in the business, and then when they get out they actually have something to show for it. If they want to get into phone sex or webcams or whatever -- I've done all that stuff, so I want to take my knowledge and help other people. Those will be available in 2008.

Eros Zine: Thanks, Sarah! Readers can check out Sarah's site at, and keep an eye out for and, set to launch in 2008.
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